MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – For the second straight day, temperatures  in the 90s and high humidity put the heat index in excess of 100 degrees.

With it being Fourth of July weekend, Twin Cities residents are hitting the lakes and city pools to cool off and beat the heat.

There was definitely a lot to see as a group of kids took a field trip Friday to the Como Zoo, and there was a lot more to talk about than animals.

“It’s very hot. I’m sweating,” said one youngster.

The field trip was a group of first graders from Excel Academy for Higher Learning. They learned a lot Friday about how hot in can get in the Twin Cities.

Welcome to the Twin Cities in July.

“It’s pretty hot so we’ve got lots of water bottles for the kids so we can keep them hydrated,” said the group’s advisor. “We’ve got spray bottles and we’re spraying them with the water.”

You know it’s a hot day when you hit the outdoor polar bear exhibit at the Como Zoo, and there aren’t any polar bears to be found. That’s because they’re inside cooling off from the hot weather.

Cool treats made the day a bit more bearable for some, and a cool cloth across the face did the trick for others.

“It feels like we’re in a pizza oven,” said one youngster.

Many outdoor enthusiasts found the shade Friday so they could stay outside and still beat the heat.


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