MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — An Onamia man died Thursday night after he crawled onto Highway 169 and was struck by a passing car, police said.

A police report shows that Adam Nayquonabe, 21, was struck near the intersection of Highway 169 and Wagidaaki Drive around 11:28 p.m. Police said alcohol was involved in the incident.

Nayquonabe died at North Memorial Medical Center, where he was taken after the crash.

The driver of the car that hit Nayquonabe suffered no injuries.

Comments (49)
  1. Deep Thinker says:

    This shouldn’t even be considered a traffic death. There needs to be another catagory for when something this stupid happens. Death By Stupidity sounds like a good statistic to keep track of. I know what we can do, since the state loves to create new ways to spend tax payers money why don’t we hire someone to keep track of “Deaths By Stupidity”

  2. coolbreeze says:

    Deep Thinker…
    A most excellent idea, and well said.

  3. Realist says:


  4. WildBill says:

    Wouldn’t have been so funny if a 30 year old mother of 4 had swerved to avoid hitting him, rolled her mini-van and died.
    Now that we have got new cigarette warning labels, I nominate a picture of this ‘victim’ for the first warning label on beer cans.

  5. MARK says:

    Too bad alcohol is legal in this country instead of marijuana. If he was stoned he would have stayed home on his couch eating chips. But I guess marijuana is a dangerous drug? LOL

    1. Huxley says:

      Alcohol is the drug of choice for immature pigs. I’ll take a bar full of potheads over a bar full of obnoxious, stumbling, loud-mouthed, aggressive drunks any day of the week. Clearly the much more refined and mature way to relax is with a bit of cannabis versus a bottle of whiskey. Alcohol ravages the body. Swollen red nose, possibility of OD and death, rotted out liver, etc.

      1. liam Gilmorasy says:

        Huxley, (as in Aldus?)
        You are more correct that you know.
        Drop a ton of medicinal grade cannibis in a gang ridden inner city and watch the Peace blossom between gangs and townspeople….
        Such are the laws that allow alcohol but bans something as passive as “grass”.
        And I hope the worms don’t crawl out of the cracks to say that grass leads to “harder” drugs….

        1. car says:

          I love me some weed but you do us all a disservice with statements like this. Inner city crime doesn’t happen because they are bored. Legal weed still has to be purchased. Although I do enjoy the image of inner city free joint dispensers, you’re taking the fantasy too far

      2. March113 says:

        I could not have said that better !!

  6. gordokong says:

    This will also be recorded as an Alcohol Related Fatality when the government and MADD try to jam statistics down your throat about drinking and driving deaths

    1. MARK says:

      Why shouldn’t it? Do you disagree that drinking and driving is a problem?

      1. gordokong says:

        It should if the driver was drunk but the stat shouldn’t be listed as an alcohol related fatality and displayed as being caused by the driver when some DB is crawling across the road. See what that does is inflate the Drunk Driving fatality statistics to make it appear to be a bigger issue that it really is so MADD and the Government can pus their agenda. Drunk Driving is no bigger an issue than texting and driving or not paying attention while you are driving. If it was as big of a problem as portrayed their success rate would have been better than the numbers they showed for maroon day.

        1. Sandra Bluem says:

          i cannot believe you are actually arguing that MADD statistics are inflated. you apparently have a bug up your butt, because you probably have be busted for DUI or DWI, right? Do you actually think that drinking & driving is a good idea? Are you saying the “government” is at fault when someone drinks then drives and KILLS someone? Seriously??? The fact that ANYONE gets in a car after driving is horrific, but you gotta get in there & blame the “government” or ‘the man” or anyone else you can. You are focused on the wrong thing there. I think that people DYING is the issue! How about stopping that, huh? I hope you never experience a loved one being murdered by a drunk driver. If you do, you will change your tune & not say that it is “no bigger an issue than _______”. I truly feel sorry for you 😦

          1. Sporty007 says:

            Yes but it’s deemed alcohol related whether it was a driver/passenger or in this case the guy crawling across the road – that is the issue that with higher numbers it inflates the fact that drinking and driving is actually dropping in this state, which is a good thing, because no one should be killed by a drunk driver, now if the state would get just as tough on distracted driving just think of all the innocent lives that could be saved.

  7. Mark says:

    Is this like a Pub Crawl? Maybe this could be classified as ‘road kill’.

  8. curly says:

    Why again is alcohol legal and cannabis illegal……

  9. gordokong says:

    3,498 pulled over 22 DUI’s which is 0.63% what were the other 99.37% doing that could jeopardize peoples lives?

  10. coolbreeze says:

    G-kong, be a prince and explain your statistics and your point, please.

    1. gordokong says:

      It’s explained in the earlier comment to Mark.

  11. Tc Radiodj says:

    I think this is called thinning out the stupid. Just think, we could get rid of A LOT of people this way. LOL

  12. bri says:

    Adam was not stupid,. He was my friend. And he didnt deserve this. So you know what? I think you guys should get eachothers head outtta eachothers As$es. Adam was someone who you could get along with. he was so funny. He always knew how to make people laugh. So you guys have no hearts. hmmmm. What if someone you knew died like this? Would you be calling them stupid? would you be calling them roadkill? I think not. You’d be calling them family. And friends. You’d be mourning the loss. So get your unconsideate asse$ off the computer and stop calling Adam roadkill. I hope this doesnt happen to you.. But if it does. We’ll see whos gonnna be calling everyone road kill. And stupid. You guys. like i said, Are Heartless.

    1. Riley says:

      Hey Bri, My heart goes out to you People here are idiots, most have no respect for the people who knew this fella are going through. It’s a tragic accident, you all need to show resect, he was drunk, it’s not his fault with the events that happened, he couldn’t help what happend. Sure he didn’t need to drink that much, but it happened get over it and show respect!

      1. sad but true says:

        ” he was drunk, it’s not his fault with the events that happened, he couldn’t help what happend.”…..WRONG!!! As an adult, you are responsible for your actions at all times, sober,drunk,weekend,weekday,holiday, day or night. I understand it’s a heartfelt lossbut he died due to his actions. Hopefully others will learn a life leason from him.

      2. BoredSecurityGaurd says:

        It absolutley was his fault. I have drank a lot in my lifetime….and yes, I have drank a lot more than I should have at times, but here I am, typing this message now because I was not STUPID enough to crawl across a freaking highway. There are a lot of perople out there that can handle their alcohol, but apparently this guy was not one of them. Also, it is his fault too because a RESPONSIBLE adult knows when they are become too intoxicated to fuction, like this guy was, and has the brains to stop. I feel bad for this kids famil and his friends, but let’s not sugar coat it. This guy was dumb and irresponsible, and he payed the price for it.

        Let us also not forget of the mental damage this guy did to the poor family or person that was driving a vehicle that hit him. I feel the worse for them than I do for the family of the kid that was hit. This person/these people now have to go through the rest of their lives knowing that they took another humans life. And trust me, I am a Veteran of OIF, and that is not something that you easily get over…

  13. hans says:

    You all ought to remember that Adam is someone’s son, brother, friend, grandson. He may have made an unreasonable decision the ultimately ended his life, but you should be ashamed of yourselves for making fun. If this young man’s family were to log in and read these comments they would be even more devastated than they already are.

    CBS MN, I think you ought to disable commenting for articles regarding accidental death so that insensitive pricks can’t do any more harm to the people who loved this kid than has already been done.

    1. bri says:

      he was also a daddy….

      1. Mr D says:

        Yeah I bet he supported his kid too by providing medical insurance clothing food and shelter.

    2. nope says:

      “accidental” i think not…. more like suicide… people dont just get drunk and crawl out onto a highway….

  14. coolbreeze says:

    Hans…you sound like a Nazi. Shut your pie hole.

    1. Bynska says:

      coolbreeze… You sound like an idiot. You shut your pie hole.

  15. sam says:

    Hans is right. Coolbreeze; there is no justification for name-calling. Does anyone commenting know the details of what happened? How about all you brave people making derogatory comments while hiding behind your computers, instead make them in-person to his parents. In case you are wondering; yes, I would say this same thing to you in person. Have SOME respect people; grow up.

  16. Bruno Mars says:

    i bet the driver was devastated
    so sad

  17. bri says:

    thank you very much Riley. I mean seriously. this just outragged me. yeah. i know. he shouldnt of been driinking. but he did. everyone does once in a while. but for you people who called him names. you have no right to. im serious. you are sitting behind your computer. you never knew him. you never got to see his heart warming smile, his funny jokes, all the things he said. you never did. and you know what? thats your loss. it really is. and like i said before. you guys are heartless because you show no respect for him and everyone that this effected. really. grow up. you wanna come find me? because i tell you how it is. get your faces unglued from your computer screen and come and find me. and for the people that didnt call him stupid and roadkill. i thank you. i really do. And im sure Adam thanks you also. At least we know you guys have hearts.

    1. Sandra Bluem says:

      Everyone makes mistakes. Unfortunately, sometimes they are fatal mistakes. Immature people who are uncomfortable with themselves often make fun of others. It’s a cheap shot. Very tragic. I’m sure he will be missed by all that knew him. *HUGS*

  18. Murph says:

    There are times when no amount of prevention or attention can undo that which has occurred.To think otherwise from afar is not only useless but bad judgement.The victim and the driver have suffered enough from this tragic event.Consumptiion beyond the limit has consequences left to the whims of forces beyond all control.So let’s all be humble in our thoughts and generous in our condolences. The world as we know it is becoming difficult for many,unbearable for some.On this day be thankful that misfortune and bad judgement has not conspired to rob ourselves of the ability to survive!

  19. Kent says:

    I beleive this man should be nominated for the 2011 Darwin Awards.

    1. Bynska says:

      This was not funny the first time someone else made the comment. It most definitely is not funny this time either. Please show some respect to the family and friends of the dead man.

      1. car says:

        family and friends should know better than to read internet comments on a story like this. There are plenty of jokes to be made here.

  20. this is tue says:

    this isnt the first time a story has come up of a native american crawling/walking onto a dark road way when they are extremely intoxicated… ive read similar stories many times the last 5 years….

  21. Aquila Thick Chick Rogers says:

    Another episode of 1000 Ways to Die….

  22. katie says:

    There are many stories like this in the Garrison/Onamia area but lets still have compassion for his Family and friends, Why do you think They have “watch for Ped’s” signs signs up fro Garrison to the casino?????

  23. Tyler says:

    This don’t happen from Marijuana Get IT LEGAL!!!!!!!

  24. Desirae says:

    You people make me sick.

    A young man died and you make jokes about it.

    Show some respect.

    Find another story that doesn’t involve the death of someone to leave your heartles comments.

    I pray for Adam that he is in heaven and for his family and friends that they can stay strong and find solace in God in the days to come.

  25. Marie says:

    what a group of self righteous prigs.
    hopefully sometime when they use poor
    judgement it will cost them like it did this
    kid. Karma its called. no ones perfect.
    Least of all these idiotic heartless wastes
    of space.

    1. thoams lamberty says:

      I know but second thoughts cost a lot io the past .

  26. thoams lamberty says:

    if this was inconsdieration before he realized. He is one able. IONe has to go about living and attampting to save one self. I know this because i live this.

  27. Darell Lange says:

    god’ way of getting rid of stupid people

    1. Marie says:

      If that is the case…..what are you still doing here?

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