WCCO Sunday Morning was packed with talk of the state shutdown. Esme Murphy spoke with both sides of the aisle as the state shutdown — Rep. Debra Hilstrom, the Deputy DFL Minority Leader and Assistant GOP Majority Leader, Sen. Dave Thompson. Check out the interviews below.

Deputy DFL Minority Leader Rep. Debra Hilstrom

Assistant GOP Majority Leader Sen. Dave Thompson

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  1. Citizen the Populist (the real Citizen) says:

    Here’s a clue, ‘CCO. Fix your website. I tried to listen to both the interviews and couldn’t because the second interview with the Assistant Majority leader couldn’t finish in the refresh time you allot to the page. I couldn’t fast forward to the part that got cut off, either. So I stopped listening. It is also interesting that the DFL went first and got only 4 or so minutes, and the GOP went 2nd and got over 6 minutes. So much for the “liberal” bias in the media. But, fix your website. It jumps around, blocks comments, throws comments all over the place so the coherency of the “conversation” (if you can call the mudslinging and namecalling a conversation) is lost.

  2. Kirby says:

    I will second that sentiment. Also, Esme was much more direct and confrontational with the DFL Rep. Hilstrom than she was with Sen. Thompson. Why? Why not ask him about the inequalities in the effective income tax rate? Millionaires are at 10.3 while someone making 25,000 gets taxed at 12.3%? Afraid? BIased?

    1. kieron says:

      More likely she and ‘CCO kowtow to their corporate masters’ wishes. The media is only as liberal as the corporations that own them.

  3. Walker says:

    I chuckle when the people rant on the political website on how liberal the media is with the worst possible photo of Governor Dayton at the top of the story..

  4. Citizen the Populist says:

    @Kirby. Esme has, for a long time, appeared to be a backer of the GOP. Hard for her to hide her bias. And kieron, you are so right! The corporations that own the media (only 4, I believe), are certainly not liberal.

  5. Don Baber says:

    wcco ,& esme murphy , you call yourself fair? You just lost me as a viewer and a listener. To bad for you.

  6. besty says:

    stations are going to say and do whatever they have to for ratings, and ya whoever owns the station is going to want to make their party look good, nothing about fairness on the news thats for sure.

  7. Johnathon says:

    Wow, I guess you hear what you want. I am a repub and I thought esma didn’t press the dem on the justification of increasing taxes. She took her spin answer and let it go. I thought her presumtion that comprimise was the answer was slanted toward the dems. The repubs believe they have comprimised enough by not lowering taxes. Both the repubs and supporters are very far apart from the dems and their supporters on the issue of taxes and services. I don’t see this changing until we agree on a limit on taxes whatever that number is and prioritizing government services based on this fixed percentage.

    1. Marlis says:

      I believe Esma did a fairly good job for an otherwise liberal leaning reporter and ‘cco another liberal-bias media outlet. its just too bad we ended up with Dayton as our Gov’ner. Hes old, out of touch and not really mentally up to the job. The repub. did offer some compromise that if Dayton would of signed and not vetoed our gov. would still be running. well, he just doens’t have it to lead, sad for Mn

  8. john says:

    I believe it is a shame that nobody is pushing why the racino is not an automatic source of revenue. Bottom line is polls hsow it is supported by 80 percent of the public. I do not care what party you are from or what your agenda is. 80 percent of your constituants want this as a revenue source. That is a no brainer to support. I have never seen a poll of this that was less than 70%. That is a pretty large gap.

    The other bottom line is that under Gov Pawlenty did not allow any revenue increases and went a for a bunch of shifts and gimmicks that have left us in this shortfall. The democrats could not overrule him when they were in control. What we have done for the last 6 years has left us with nothing but shortfall after shortfall. So what they both have done has not worked. Funny how the last surplus was under Gov Ventura. is that not scary? Believe what ever you want but a balanced solution of revenue and cuts is the only way we are not going to be doing this again two years from now.

    Social agenda issues have no business in spending bills period. That needs to be outlawed to be piggy backing on these types of bills. If all they were talking about was spending money then this would be done.

  9. jimmy says:

    Dave Thompson who cheered Paul Wellston’s death on his radio show. Why dose this peace of dung even have a platform .

    1. Wow Jimmy says:

      Why can’t you spell?

  10. David says:

    You people are never satisfied are you!!! You are so quick to judge when things don’t turn out the way you want. Stop your bickering as you are no better than anyone else. I don’t see you out there interviewing or in the Senate so stop your infernal complaining and come up with ways to possibly fix this mess. This is your country, it is you who are kowtowing to the policticians you voted in you can do something so do it and stop your whimpering.

  11. Money to Burn says:

    However a compromise is eventually made, and we see some form of cut in spending on the state government level, what are the odds the local governments will just make up their lost state aid and raise property taxes? Anyone know how many local governments are run by democratic mayors? MN has been known as a democratic state for so long, that I would be surprised if the majority of mayors are not also democrats. How can a democratic controlled state for so long blame republicans for tax increases of any kind when spending (states pocketbook and local government pocketbooks) for the most part has been controlled by the democrats?

  12. Mixed Up Priorities? says:

    I noticed traffic cams were mentioned in the interview with Dave Thompson. How many lives have been lost due to not having them for…I don’t know… decades? While they may make traffic reporting more convenient and aid in weather tracking, are they really worth the bang for the buck at this time? Why are those in favor of more education spending not saying anything about cutting the traffic cam program? Are traffic cams a lesser, equal, or higher priority than education, health care….etc…etc.?

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