4 Arrested After Police Chase

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Four people were arrested following a police chase in Minneapolis early Tuesday morning.

The chase started when a State Trooper saw someone firing gunshots downtown, near North 2nd Avenue and 3rd Street.

The trooper chased the suspects and eventually managed to stop them at Monroe and Summer in northeast Minneapolis.

No one was injured in the chase.


  • just sayin

    … cough…

    just doin bidness as usual.

  • Bantaman

    Cmon its the fourth of July and they meant no harm. Everybody else was doing it. People are waaaaaayyyyy to serious today. Did anybody get hurt? Just sayin.

  • .

    Another normal day of shootings in Minneapolis. Shootings in Minneapolis shouldn’t even make the news anymore.

    • Dubious Debbie

      agree – unless it caused death why bother. The Boyz in the ‘hood just having their nightly fun and all …. sheesh, let ’em be. maybe they can kill each other off in a weeks time.
      Save us all money in many ways … jails, bastid kids in the system, mamma’s who may actually have to work instead of working at stealing the taxpayers dollar.
      novel idea huh. ;-)

  • Gary

    Oh and look at that, just a hop skip and a jump away from Karma! The nightclub of choice for thugs and criminals!

  • Les Johnson

    I can’t wait to hear the names of the fine folks arrested in this case. Any guesses? David? Dylan? Matthew? Was it the Pedersen boys again? :p

  • Gomer says again

    MugatookaduukaBangBang was ones name.
    Last name was DOA of another but first name they couldn’t even spell with perps assistance…oh wait. He can’t spell or read so …..
    good ol’ MPLS. Some things will never change for the better but sure shall get worse. lol

  • Latisha

    Yep, even with the bridge closed they are still ruiinning the neighborhood.

    • RedTipped

      son of a gun …. the boys at it again huh.
      I thought I took away all the ammo. They be some sneaky little ones they is …. musta swiped it when I was doin’ some rock. me is mad as heck-coulda sold that stuff and now ticktoc is gonna be mad as a hornet that I let them at his stash. hows he gonna protect himself now from the law??? mammma mia I am in doo-doo

  • Jeff "Gangsta" J


    “Four people were arrested following a police chase in Minneapolis early Tuesday morning.”

    What were they doing out so late? Umm…..didn’t they have jobs they had to be at this morning?

    oh wait…………………..


  • Party hardy

    State workers with nothing to do.

    • Party Poopers

      Or State Representatives with nothing better to do!

  • Jake

    Hey, just representin’, just bein’ REAL, you know, gotta be pimpin, showin everybody who the big dog is. Nobody can tell these gangstas what to do, they just do what they want, and hope not to get caught. Of course now, crack dealers are being let out of prison early, and with politicians like obama and emmanuel in charge, I would expect that the level of violence will rise significantly in the future. But guess who will be blamed for it….

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