BURNSVILLE (WCCO) — A garbage truck rollover on southbound Interstate 35W near the Minnesota River is blocking traffic, according to the Minnesota Department of Transportation officials.

The rollover, which occurred at approximately 2:40 p.m. near Blackdog Road in Burnsville, is blocking three lanes of traffic of the southbound roadway. Traffic is moving on the shoulder only.

Emergency vehicles on the scene are also blocking two lanes of traffic on the northbound lanes, MnDOT said.

The Minnesota State Patrol says that the driver somehow lost control, causing the truck to tip over.

Crews are working to clear the site, which is expected to take several hours.

MnDOT recommends that motorists use other routes until the site is cleared.

Comments (10)
  1. we says:

    A garbage truck is NOT a semi truck,you should check your facts before reporting them!!!!

    1. bla says:

      Yes because knowing whether or not is a garbage or semi truck is relevant

  2. O says:

    These garbage trucks are a hazard on 35W they drive like maniacs and are all over the road,get them off the hi ways!!

  3. M A K says:

    Maybe it was not the drivers fault ? Maybe their was someone on a cell phone not paying attention to the road and cut the driver off.

  4. KeepItReal says:

    I hope the garbage company has to pay for the clean up. This is an example of use fees that should be passed on directly to the user, not the tax payer. Clean up, MN DOT time, media/guard rail repair, State Trooper time, all of it should be charged to the garbage truck company.

  5. bob says:

    Burnseville,not St. Paul.

    1. PB says:

      You mis-spelled Burnsville.

  6. Darren says:

    I thought MNDOT wasn’t working?

  7. tom says:

    There not working we will just leave the garbage truck in the road until the state opens up. Dah

  8. ct says:

    Huh, no one mentioned or asked if the driver was ok….

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