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  1. Susan Ramaswamy says:

    I am outraged at the verdict on this case and it reminded me of OJ Simpson all over again. Waiting 31 days to report her daughter missing, a made up nanny story and her partying for 31 days after the baby daughters death then trying to pin the blame on the sexual abuse of the father and brother as a diversion has me outragged – our justice system is broken!

  2. Bennie Sue Massey says:

    I am completely and utterly mystified by the verdict on this case. How could the jury possibly believe Casey when she changed her story at every turn? I am a retired school counselor, and have never heard such hogwash as her lawyers gave as a defense, even from 5 yr. old children trying to get out of trouble. I agree that the diversion of blaming the father and brother of sexual abuse is outrageous and ludicrous! I am now worried about our justice system! Where is Caylee’s justice?

  3. julie says:

    My Two Cents opinion:

    I honestly believe Casey had been planing to kill her daughter. That’s why she’s doing research on the computer. She wanted to find out how any experts can’t explain or prove on when -how a child got killed . Then she figured it out.
    She did it by over dosing chloroform then put the tape just to make sure Caylee wont vomit and completely dead.
    One thing the prosecutors missed , they should have checked out public libraries close to Anthony’s residents, there were security cameras , dig it, comb it, not surprised if Casey was in one of those public libraries during that research time
    This makes her one of the most dangerous human on the planet when you look at her behaviour and profile.
    I can only hope that Judge Perry will give her 2 years in prison for lying to the authorities. He has the power to do it. We all see almost every body in the anthony family lies, Jugde need to step up on web of lies.

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