MADISON, Wis. (AP) — Madison police say two young boys have been found dead in a parked car, and a 28-year-old man who knew them has been detained.

Police spokesman Joel DeSpain says the case is being treated as a double homicide. He says the man isn’t the boys’ father but was acquainted with them.

The boys were ages 4 and 3. They were found early Wednesday morning in a car parked next to a business.

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  1. Tan pup says:

    I sure hope you have a bayonet attached.

  2. Rachel says:

    Those poor little babies! My son is the same age, I couldn’t imagine…… wow. Rest in Peace young ones! My condolenses to the family, what an unbearable thing to go through! My prayers for Justice to be served to whomever did this!

  3. Momma of 2 says:

    Reading this made me literaly sick to my stomach. This is horrible.

    RIP Little Angels.

  4. Rachel says:

    What an aweful thing to say! These two cases aren’t even related. Any case in which children are involved are very sad, but do not put the two of them together. This is not a matter to joke about, and I am sure the family of these poor little boys would not appreciate your attempt at humor at their expense.

    1. Whats wrong with the world says:

      Very well said Rachel.

    2. Richard in Minneapolis says:

      Bravo, Rachel

    3. Rachel says:

      It looks like the original poster was removed.

  5. innocent says:

    and what proof do you have she killed her daughter? There was no proof presented that shows she did it.

    1. whats wrong with world says:

      Which part of not related didn’t you understand!!!!!!

      1. Rachel says:

        They are just trying to provoke some sort of debate about something completely unrelated. Just ignore them

  6. grandmaf says:

    Some people should not be allowed to have kids. This was probably connected to a custody battle. There are two more bright starts shining down from heaven.This is so tragic. My heart goes out to the family.

    1. Former Stillwater Resident says:

      Why would it be from a custody battle? That makes no sense at all. There is nothing in this story to even SUGGEST that as a POSSIBILITY.

      Also, you cannot “disallow” anybody from having kids, Frau Hitler.

  7. Sarah in Outstate MN says:

    Why would the mother stay with a man like this if he has a record? (I read another article about this and the man has a long record of assault and violence toward the mother)

    1. The Architect says:

      It seems his long record is from violence against at least one other woman who is not the mother.

  8. D says:

    Women, mothers make themselves and their children vulnerable to these horrible men. Why is it Women think they need a man around? I love men, but so many are deadbeats that I couldn’t see myself OUT OF DESPERATION with lots of them. Let alone with my children.

    Women need to learn that their boyfriend not only needs to treat them well, they also need to treat their children well.

    1. Youknownothing about abuse says:

      I have been out of a abusive relationship since 1995. What other people don’t realize is that they have a hold on you that no one can understand unless you have been or are in that situation. They play mind games and you think your not worth anything and that he is the only one who will be with you. I endured five years of the physically abuse and mental abuse and those who say well just leave know nothing. My prayers are with this family and I hope justice will prevail, God has 2 more angels with him now.

      1. Youknownothing about abuse says:

        PS It took everything I had to leave, I thought I loved him so much and I was so close to changing my mind. Looking back I am glad I didn’t my life is worth something and I am so much better. He still tries to contact me and my kids but we ignore him and thank goodness he is 3,000. miles away.

        1. Something to say says:

          Good for you! You are a strong and courageous woman to be able to leave. A lot of people do not see how hard it is. You did the right thing and I hope many others follow in your footsteps.

      2. REALLY??? says:

        YOUR CHILDREN NEED TO COME FIRST!!! Whyy would you stay long enough to let some POS man make you feel like you are nothing…by that time you have stayed too long. When you have children they come first, it should not be how this man made you feel worthless, but how your children should not have to be around a mother that feels that way because these feeling alway trickle down to your children. And Yes I have been in an abusive relationship our daughter witnessed 1 incident and I was gone. She is now 15 and I don’t think she remembers anything. Thank goodness

  9. Some advice ladies says:

    Seems how the post has turned to abusive relationships, ladies you need to leave the guy as soon as little red flags start popping up. If a guy calls you the B word leave him. If he truly cared about you he would never call you this, if he respected you he would never call you this. There are a lot of idiots out there that think it is ok; however it is not. If you let it slide once that is up to you but you better make it crystal clear that he better never do it again and educate him. Everyone makes mistakes and if you want to give him another chance you better we aware of the fact that this may either continue or progress into worse but you all need to be aware of the things that should make you leave the relationship early before it is ‘the hardest thing in the world to do” when you need to leave him. Have some self respect and love for your children to know that you and they need and deserve a healthy relationship. Any man who calls you names like the B, C, etc word has no love or respect for you and you are wasting your time

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