Legislators Refusing Pay In Government Shutdown

MN House Members Refusing Pay:
Paul Anderson, R
Tom Anzelc, D
Joe Atkins, D
Bob Barrett, R
John Benson, D
Kurt Bills, R
Kathy Byrnaert, D
Lynn Carlson, D
Tony Cornish, R
Roger Crawford, R
Denise Dittrich, D
Connie Doepke, R
Keith Downey, R
Steve Drazkowski, R
Sondra Erickson, R
Andrew Falk, D
Pat Garofalo, R
Mindy Grieling, D
David Hancock, R
Melissa Hortman, D
Sheldon Johnson, D
Phyllis Kahn, D
Debra Kiel, R
Kate Knuth, D
Carolyn Laine, D
Ann Lenczewski, D
Diane Loeffler, D
Kathy Lohmer, R
Jennifer Loon, R
Tim Mahoney, D
Pat Mazorol, R
Carolyn McElfatrick, R
Carol McFarlane, R
Terry Morrow, D
Joe Mullery, D
Erin Murphy, D
Mary Murphy, D
Richard Murray, R
Kim Norton, D
Michael Paymar, D
Bev Scalze, D
Steve Simon, D
Linda Slocum, D
Peggy Scott, R
Chris Swedzinski, R
Paul Thissen, D
John Ward, D
Doug Wardlow, R
Ryan Winkler, D

MN Senate Members Refusing Pay:
Michele Benson, R
John Carlson, R
Roger Chamberlain, R
Ted Daley, R
John Harrington, D
Bill Ingebrigsten, R
Amy Koch, R
Ted Lillie, R
Tony Lourey, D
Jim Metzen, D
Jeremy Miller, R
Carla Nelson, R
Julie Rosen, R
David Senjem, R

Senators who requested no pay after paychecks went out:
Gary Dahmes, R
Kathy Sheran, D
John Pederson, R

Information provided by the Minnesota House and Senate fiscal offices.

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  • Cindy Butenhoff

    It says a lot about a person who collects a paycheck from a shut down government. And how exactly are you earning this check? I am proud of you Roger Crawford and I hope that you are a part of the solution and not the problem.

  • Dawn Reese

    How is it that people who have not done their job, think that they still deserve a paycheck? No one in the general public gets to choose to get paid when they haven’t finished their job. Thank you to those who have refused their paycheck. Maybe we would have the money in the budget if none of the representatives got a paycheck during this shutdown.

  • Pat Iverson

    I cannot believe my “representative” are accepting a paycheck for not doing their job. I hope the voters of Eden Prairie and Mminnetonka have learned from this and will get someone in next election that will represent us, and not only the republican party.

  • Sandra Peterson

    Why are they receiving paychecks anyway? The legislative session would have ended weeks ago. Without the budget impasse, they would not be working now so not being paid, right? What am I not understanding?

  • W. Charlsen

    It is really very simple if you are paid to do a job and fail to do the job in the alloted time frame you not only should not be paid you should have your job terminated for failure to fulfill your contract, and be replaced by someone with the brains and guts to do what you failed to do. Some of you have no qualms about putting 22000 people out on the street. You should be out of office and walking the street looking for a job. Maybe you will in the next election. We can only hope.

    • B. Ripley

      I totally agree with this post!!!

  • Dave

    Sandra, They get paid year round whether in session or not. It operates like a monthly/bi-weekly check for anyother job due to the fact that it is a salary.

    I am proud to say that my representatives are not taking pay checks. I know many of them do not have the money to begin with to make it without pay. I am proud of them for making sacrifices for someone like me who is looking at getting hired as a state worker in the coming months.

    Keep up the good work guys and get the deal done. This tells me I voted for the right people.

    • Kyril

      How can they NOT have the money to make it without pay? They make a ridiculous amount as it is!

  • Candice Frick

    Dave they also receive per diem pay. It would be interesting if they are refusing that too. That is a question that they should be asked as that is a large part of their compensation that wasn’t mentioned.

  • Thomas

    Both of my representatives are recieving thier pay. I think this makes a big statement that we been seen in the next election. Both dont get my vote.

  • Nancy Keech Graumann

    They should not have an option to receive a paycheck since they did not do their jobs. Most people would get fired for that. I say we fire all of them!
    They should not get any raises unil MN is living within it’s means. That goes for the federal government as well.
    They don’t want to tax the rich….maybe because that includes them????
    they would rather make the poor pay!

  • anitanewgov

    Why don’t you publish the names and email addresses of the ones who ARE taking a paycheck for not doing their jobs???

  • cateinmn

    I agree, you should publish the names of those who are taking paychecks so we know who not to vote for in 2012.

  • Sheila Ehrich

    Please know that a number of legislators are accepting pay and then donating it to social service agences whose funds have been cut off by the shutdown. I spoke with Rep. Frank Hornstein last night at the AFSCME / MAPE rally and he is one of those who is donating his salary to charity.

    As for my Representative, Mary Liz Holberg, and my Senator, Dave Thompson, what are YOU doing with your paychecks??? Or are you so arrogant as to think we aren’t paying attention and don’t know that you’re collecting your legislative salaries?? SD36 and HD36 citizens all know very well that you are both very capable of living without your salaries. Are you donating YOUR salaries? Or do you actually think you’ve earned them??

    • Dan

      This is true. My representative is refusing pay, but my senator is not. However, in the local paper, he said that he would likely be donating it to a women’s shelter.

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  • Becky Haapala

    Clanging Bell here…. I would also like a list of those accepting their pay while others go without. Another question: do reps still accept their health care benes and are they still earning vacation, sick leave and accruing time towards retirement? These benefits add up! Folks I’m working with are NOT getting these – let’s get down to the real facts.

  • angela ferrara

    If you don’t see your legislators name listed it means they are still being paid. If you don’t know your legislators name you should probably figure it out. http://www.gis.leg.mn/php/house.php?Report=HouseZip&District=

  • Beth Campbell

    I would like to see a complete list of legislators showing if they are or aren’t accepting pay and/or perdiems? What is the percentage of legislators (house and senate) accepting pay/per diem?

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