MINNEAPOLIS (AP) — In response to questions from a Minnesota congressman, U.S. Education Secretary Arne Duncan says he has the legal authority to grant waivers to the requirements of the No Child Left Behind education law.

In a letter dated Wednesday, Duncan says section 9401 of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act gives him the authority to waive most statutory requirements of the law if that’s best for students.

Duncan has announced plans to grant waivers to the law, also known as No Child Left Behind, in exchange for states embracing the department’s ideas on education reform.

Duncan is responding to the chairman of the House education committee, Rep. John Kline, R-Minn., who has questioned Duncan’s authority to grant waivers “in exchange for reforms not authorized by Congress.”

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  1. Looking for Leaders says:

    Education is as important as national defense (if not more), nationalize the system and have committees of the 2 best teachers from every state decide curriculum, books and methodologies. Take the decisions out of boards, bureaucrats and people with political agendas hands

    Have a few charter/experimentation schools in each state to tests and refine methodologies.

    1. Spencer D. Jones says:

      That sounds like a streamlined workable system. The only problem I see is that it would probley have the teachers unions against it. Anything that makes them accountable to their performance is always fought against hard. I would hope a system like this would go into affect. I would offer any help I could to see a system like this come into affect.

  2. Looking for Leaders says:

    As the system developed and processes were put in place, I don’t think you would have to hold teachers accountable in the manner I think you mean.

    Due to the changes in how they would be required to teach, I think some would just leave and those that would stay would eventually get in through repeated coaching and observation.

    In theory due to a larger purchase pool, economies of scale would come into play and we could see dramatic cost savings.

  3. Yep says:

    I wonder if the Atlanta school district will get a waver?

  4. dan says:

    No child left behiond was a great start. Now instead of just testing on Math and Reading skills, please incorporate Science, Art and Social Studies. My kids spend way too much time on class being taught to take a test. The Science program doesnt even kick in until 7th grade

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