MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — The trial for the woman charged with trying send a puppy through the mail has been canceled.

Stacey Champion was supposed to go on trial Thursday on two misdemeanor charges related to trying to send her dog “Guess” through the mail earlier this year, as a gift.

Her hearing is still scheduled and prosecutors would not say if the case is being dismissed, or if there is a plea deal.

“Guess” was adopted earlier this year.

So many people were interested in adopting him that there was a drawing to pick the pet owner.

Comments (13)
  1. Sneaky criminals says:

    Did anyone check to see if she was hiding a mink coat in her pants?

  2. STIL-H2O says:

    This woman might be the stupidest human being on the planet Earth. We’ll be hearing from her again eventually.

    1. Paul Choi says:

      Hahahaha SO TRUE!

  3. Real Talk says:

    You say that same comment to any story involving a person of color. As if to say this world would be a perfect place if only whites lived here…and stuff like this would magically stop happening.

    Everything you think you dont like about diversity….can be found in your local white majority trailer park.

    It isnt about diversity my simple friend….its about economic class and the ability to act right. The color of someone skin does not make them act like this….but their socio-economic class and upbringing does.

    So just try to think it through a bit more before you come to the laziest, dumbest possible conclusions.

    Sad for you Kevin.

    1. Cuddles says:

      And sad for YOU, that you think that everyone who lives in a trailer park is trailer trash. Living in a mobile home doesn’t make one trailer trash any more than standing in your garage makes you a Chevy.

      1. Real Talk says:

        Where did i say “everyone”?? Sad that you cannot read. Which is ironic considering you live in a trailer park….huh, interesting.

    2. PETA needs to follow-up says:

      Who said anything about color other than you? Weak defense sister.

      This clown is an animal abuser. I hope PETA takes this to the next level. This should go on National TV regardless of the criminals skin color.

      Let’s put her in a box (non colored of course) and ship her somewhere. I’m sure there are couriers that will ship packages exceeding 280 pounds.

    3. Now we get it says:

      Real Talk, thanks for clearing that up. So poor people are lazy animals.

  4. Chad says:

    How can she not get prison time? Nevermind she didn’t lie or kill a 2 yearold.

  5. Kevin is Ignorant says:

    Stupidity isn’t bound to any single color, race, religion, or sex. And to answer your question, yes diversity is grand. Without it, we would not be the greatest nation in the world.

  6. What??? says:

    Kevin is probably watching Jerry Springer right now and still thinks there is nothing wrong with any white people. Sad little world you live in. Your ignorance is getting longer than your mullet Kev, may want to trim that back.

  7. Gloria says:

    I pray this case isn’t swept under the rug, so to speak. If this is only a postponement or there is going to be a plea deal, I certainly hope she is punished for her attempted cruel actions.

  8. Paris Hilton says:

    does anyone watches #TheWorldAccordingToParis :)))

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