1 Dead In Brooklyn Park Shooting

BROOKLYN PARK, Minn. (WCCO) — A 17-year-old girl died in shooting late Thursday night.

Police found the victim lying near a car around 11 p.m. in the parking lot of the Huntington Place apartments, located near the 5800 block of 73rd Avenue, in Brooklyn Park.

“All I heard is this loud noise, a loud bang,” said Delontre Walker, who heard the gunshot.

While many heard the shooting, few saw it happen. Police arrived to find several people standing near the victim. Before officers could question anyone, however, the people scattered. Officers said they don’t know if those people were involved in the crime, or if they were witnesses that might have seen it happen.

Many living in the area heard the single gunshot.

“The next thing you know, you heard, POW,” said Faliku Toure, who lives near Huntington Place.

Brooklyn Park police spent the day searching the apartments for clues of who shot the girl. A dive team was even called in to look for evidence in a nearby pond.

The overnight shooting has neighbors now questioning the safety of the area.

“Couple weeks ago, my friends got jumped in the same area,” Walker said.

Police have not made any arrests.

“My heart goes out to [the victim]. Being a mother too, it’s scary for me,” said Edith Barney, who heard the gunshot.

Management at Huntington Place said the girl is not a tenant. Police have not released any information on what may have led to the shooting.

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  • no religion

    Jake .you are an idiot,coward,and jerk.p.s.karma is real

    • Marge

      Yes, Karma is real. And it’s gearing up for some major payback against the thugs, and other social pariah currently inhabiting portions of Brooklyn Park. Good will triumphs.

      • Henry

        You will never be able to purge society of evildoers.It is wishful thinking to suggest otherwise.Evil has been the vice of humankind since the beginning of time.The only thing you can do is hope and pray that you or your loved ones will never be put in harms way.Karma is definitely real but the average person doesn’t believe Karma until they feel its wrath.

        • ShamiQa Johnston

          I beleeve in Karma….dat nightcluuub is da bomb!!

          Dats where us hoes and thugs gets we drink on!!


  • John

    Brooklyn Park is crime ridden and the news and the city council do not care.HELP US!!!

    • Fed Up

      Agreed! We had a neighborhood meeting last year, but the crime is still getting worse here.

  • kidding me ya'll?

    in case ya didn’t catch it recently we got Minnetonka, Hopkins and Eden Prairie dealing with the same issues….it’s a coming to every location soon.
    bad folk black. bad folk white. bad folk yellow. bad folk brown.
    bad folk all around.
    don’t plan on living inside outta fear but damn it – ya just never know anymore who/what/where ya might get wacked. enjoy each day and breathe ya take

    • ya'll kiddin' me an' shee?

      In reality, without the social protectionism and excuses, bad folk black.

  • Black People

    Learn the language, stop with the attitudes, quit thinking that the only reason someone doesnt like someone else is because they are racist.

  • Cindy Crawford

    “Parents” need to keep their thugs on a leash!

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