Good Question: ‘Reply All’ To Your Good Questions

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — There was no surprise that questions about the State Shutdown are filling up the Good Question in-box. Jason DeRusha tackle one of those, and also deals with fireflies and ice cream headaches.

Watch the Good Question above.

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  • Dave

    One of the things I like about this site is having the text of the story to read and NOT have to watch the video (especially when I’m places that I can’t watch it). Please don’t put in ‘Watch the Good Question above’ for the text of the story!!

  • jan

    Me too!!

  • Becky

    It would be nice if there was text to this video. Some of us cannot download it or watch it. Please, WCCO, keep posting texts to all your videos for those of us who can’t watch videos. Thanks!

  • Steven Hutchens

    Why do the replublicans think that protecting only 2 % of the MN population is democracy in accordance to the state’ budget?

  • Randall Renstrom

    The state takes in taxes but not other income. Expenses are down from closings and reduced payroll. Do they come out ahead or behind financially.

  • Ruth

    I was wondering what happens to the truck drivers that need permits for oversidzed loads? They can’t get them if the state is shutdown. Do they still get fined if they don’t have them? Does the state still get to collect money?

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