ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) — Gov. Mark Dayton will serve steaks to Minnesota National Guard soldiers and their families during an event at Fort McCoy in Wisconsin.

The Sunday event is sponsored by “Serving Our Troops,” which is a St. Paul-based civic organization led by business leaders, elected officials and restaurant owners. The group is serving meals to 2,400 soldiers of the Minnesota National Guard’s 1st Brigade Combat Team and their families.

The Minnesota soldiers are nearing the end of their training at Fort McCoy and preparing to depart for a one-year deployment to Iraq and Kuwait.

Dayton will serve steaks, greet soldiers and their families and make brief remarks at the event.

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Comments (18)
  1. Mad Minnesotan says:

    I want to be a governor in Minnesota. Dayton shuts down our government and programs so he shouldn’t be able to leave his office until he has re-instated the government in Minnesota. Minnesotans can’t even go camping or do anything with their families so why should Dayton be able to do anything if he can’t fix the tax problem with the republicans.

    1. jimmy says:

      I heard that the Republican legislatures were going to go serve the troops until they found out they couldn’t collect Per-Diem.

  2. John says:

    Dayton: Meat Head.

  3. Rico Suave says:

    Well here’s something he can handle. As long as the utensils aren’t sharp or pointy and he has adult supervision I guess I’m OK with it. If there aren’t any injuries maybe next time he can stand right next to the grill.

  4. falkson says:

    Gosh! Why not do your real job and serve Minnesota?

    1. Richard in Minneapolis says:

      Yes, heaven forbid he should ever do anything civic-minded on a Sunday. ALSO, since we are talking about a Minnesota Guard unit here, he IS SERVING MINN.

    2. Normal Dude says:

      Are you against supporting our troops? Would you rather have him miss their deployment and wait for the government to open its doors again?

      If you’re so angered, then you should offer yourself for deployment, since you’d rather some good people in our military to not be honored with such an event.

  5. What the ....... says:

    Obama is bringing troops home-lowering the numbers of people we have serving over there. If that is the case why are we sending more over there. Am I missing something or do we have another “smoke and mirrors” thing going on here?

    1. Richard in Minneapolis says:

      Different types of troops. Combat troops are coming out, being succeeded by support, public affairs, engineers and other support units. However, if you look at the month-by-month totals, the total number is on a downward trend.

      Minnesota Public Radio did a lengthy piece on this when they interviewed a Minn National Guard Maj. General on the topic of Minn troops preparing at Fort McCoy.

  6. Norge says:

    My Grandson-in-law invited us down for this as he is in the units deploying. When I found out the bong-sucker govenor was going to be there I excused myself, as I will not have my moments with the young man denigrated by a coward who has never served, or had a callus on his lily-white-Charmin-soft hands, and had everything handed to him on a silver-pl;ater with a silver spoon in his mouth…including his freedom! How dare he ruin this day for real Americans!! His presence is an insult to real patriots! Fortunatley we’ll get to see our lad when he gets a couple days leave before they deploy instead of today.

    1. ME says:

      Your Grandson-in-law must be proud of you being such a PATRIOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    2. Normal Dude says:

      I’m sure you would have been proud to attend the event had it been hosted by Tom Emmer, who is the proud owner of multiple DUI’s and a non-server in the military- same as Bush, who sent your grandson to war in the first place. With partisanship like yours, how can you claim any sort of patriotism? Or is it just one nation under Republicans for you.

      You’d think by the time you’d hit the age of grandfatherdom, you’d grow up just a tad. I guess not.

    3. sigh says:

      Wow. You do realize that your grandson-in-law’s deployment is not all about you, right? Your opinions have nothing to do with providing soldiers a party before they leave their homes and families for a year. He was better off without you there anyway!

      1. Stan says:

        Exactly!!!! I don’t thnk Norge is real. If Norge is real and their story is true, it is sad that they ditched their grandson-in-law because of this. Glad I had a reasonable thinking grandma.

  7. Jack Anderson says:

    It would be most wonderful to see Gov. Dayton and all the rest of our elected folks get down to business and solve the budget issue and other pressing problems rather than focusing such an incredible amount of attention on nonstop politicing! One gets the feeling we have no more responsible, rational representation. In my opinion, a system has evolved in which we are all the losers.

  8. littletingod says:

    I haven’t heard. Are Koch and Zellars the steaks?

  9. fkafka says:

    Dayton has finally got his compass set right – after the dust settles we find those that truly shine and they’re not politicians, rock stars or athletes – they are our gods.

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