MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — WCCO-TV’s Esme Murphy had a handful of guests on WCCO News Sunday Morning today.

Among them was State Senator Scott Dibble of Minneapolis, Congresswoman Betty McCollum and Republican Senator Geoff Michel.

All three talked about various aspects of the Minnesota state government shutdown, which is in its record 10th day. It makes the current state shutdown the longest in U.S. history.

No immediate end to the shutdown is in sight as no meetings have been scheduled between Governor Mark Dayton and state lawmakers to try and fix the state’s $5 billion budget deficit.

WCCO-TV’s Esme Murphy Talks With Betty McCollum

WCCO-TV’s Esme Murphy Talks With Scott Dibble

WCCO-TV’s Esme Murphy Talks With Geoff Michel

Comments (45)
  1. Looking for Leaders says:

    United States just like the state of Minnesota is a place where you choose to live and just like a hotel if you choose to stay you have to pay. Nobody is stealing/coercing or otherwise forcing you to pay or forcing you to stay, but if you choose to stay you have to pay. If you have no money you stay in the utility room with just enough to survive. If you have a little money you get the bare minimum room and pay accordingly. If you have a lot of money you get a suite with all the amenities but again you pay accordingly!!

    Bring back rational tax rates of the 1950 and 1960, so the next time we have a recession we can cut taxes in a meaningful way.
    Let start negotiating at the 94% tax rate, like it was and negotiate down from there.

    google “Historical Top Tax rate”

    1. Looking for Leaders says:

      As people have been posting the past week I’ve seen this common theme of people using the line, I work hard for my money why should the big bad government get to take my hard earned money away…. I’ve got news for you if you are someone making over $100k and you are working harder than you did when you made under $50k, you did something wrong or you’re lying!!

      If what you meant is that the job is more stressful, then that just ironic. People have been blasting the poor people as lazy and just needing to take control of their lives and pull themselves up by the bootstraps. Funny if you are a successful adult and you don’t know how to manage stress and minimize it, because that would make you are lazy. It’s time for you to take control of your poor life and learn some new skills, please see a therapist or find a good life coach .

      1. daytonCooCoo says:

        Nice try. Your comment comes directly from the LIB playbook. I work very hard for my pay. BUT, I do not want to be a Manager or supervisor, where I could earn a lot more, because I want to have a life outside my job. So when you say someone earning 100k is not working harder, You my friend are the liar and/or out of touch with reality.

        1. Looking for Leaders says:

          Wrong, never been a manager or supervisor in my life

          1. TwinsRAwesome says:

            Just misguided!

        2. Frank says:

          Sorry CoCO, Been amanager, roofer and a cement worker. Gues in order which was the easiest job?

    2. Swamp Rat says:

      Finally, someone with common sense sees the light.

      Besides looking for reformation of the tax system, the Feds should pay back the money it took from the Social Security Fund to help pay for Vietnam and the Reagan years etcetera. With the Feds paying back Soc.Sec. then increase the Soc.Sec. tax a bit to continue the program for the future generations. This will ensure this program for perpetuity. Next….

      Trim the national budget for wasteful spending and frivolous project funding that bears no return on the Federal budget or national debt or GNP. Keep US dollars in the US! Once the budget is trimmed, keep the budget balanced!

    3. Joe Hanson says:

      So, for example, if a taxpayer paid four thousand dollars in taxes last year,
      earned more this year and paid eight thousand dollars in taxes,
      what additional government “amenities” does the taxpayer receive?

      1. Waste says:

        These first two posts do not make any sense. Nice try.
        Pay for what you use.
        A rich and a poor person pay the same for a gallon of gas, sandwich, electricity, water, milk, etc. Etc. Reason, that is the right thing to do.
        Nice comments to start class warfare.

        1. Looking for Leaders says:

          Sorry they confused you, you may need to re-read what was written

          Testifying before the US congress

          “Frankly, an economy where my receptionist pays a lot higher tax rate than, than I do does not strike me as a just economy,” stated Warren Buffett

          “I see nothing wrong with those who have been blessed by this society to give a larger portion of their income to the society than somebody that’s working very, very hard to make ends meet,” Warren Buffett said.

          1. Joe Hanson says:

            Buffet’s receptionist pays more because her income is from wages and his from capital gains, just like Mark Dayton’s.

  2. Ginny says:

    Geoff Michel has taken the extremist Grover Norquist anti-tax pledge, as has Kurt Zellers and a total of 35 Minnesota legislators. That is what is holding our state hostage. Esme – when are you and other reporters going to start confronting them on that??? Michel twisted every way in the wind to try to answer your questions why he wouldn’t support a cigarette tax (“fee”) which Governor Pawlenty supported. THE REASON IS THAT HE HAS TAKEN THE GROVER NORQUIST PLEDGE AND OUR STATE IS HELD HOSTAGE TO THAT! Do your jobs and ask the questions!!

  3. McCollum Nut Job says:

    The woman is crazy, she wanted kids to vote at 16!

    1. P SMITH says:

      tipical republican response name calling repulicans Please Grow up and start negotiating in Good Faith ,stop the name calling and just settle the budget impass by getting back to the State Capital in St. Paul and do the work you are getting paid to do I’m a State employee who is not getting a pay check and I’m very upset with your childish behavior maybe you shouldn’t be getting paid either ! GET YOUR JOB DONE NOW !!!!!!!!!!!

      1. taxed enough says:

        you know what the sad part of you state employees who are not getting a pay check right now. You will be getting back pay for all the time off that you had. So quit your belly aching and enjoy your paid time off. The people who are really un-employed will not be getting back pay.

        1. todd o. says:

          How do you know state employees will get back pay? They are recieving unemployment, so I dont know how they will get back pay.You sound like somebody who curses state employees yet you lack the facts to make an intelligent remark.

        2. P SMITH says:

          taxed enough you are totally WRONG we state employees will not get ple getting scr$%@# by the republican legislators thats 100% fact

          1. Coolaid says:

            Didn’t the republicans try to pass a lights on bill to make sure state employees still got paid?
            Dayton said no way.
            Get your facts straight.
            Dayton, you are in a job over your pay grade.

            1. frozenrunner says:

              The lights on bill was to fund all non safety programs at 90 percent plus passing the Republican social agenda. Perhaps before you accuse others of not knowing facts you ought to look in the mirror. With a 90% reduction in the non safety budget and passing the GOP social agenda, they would never come back to the legislature.

  4. Ginny says:

    Here, Esme/WCCO, I’ll do the work for you. The following are the Minnesota legislators who have taken the extremist Grover Norquist anti-tax pledge:


    12 Senators
    Dave Brown (S-16)
    Roger C. Chamberlain (S-53)
    Paul Gazelka (S-12)
    Chris Gerlach (S-37)
    Dan D. Hall (S-40)
    David Hann (S-42)
    Mike Jungbauer (S-48)
    Warren Limmer (S-32)
    Geoff Michel (S-41)
    Julianne Ortman (S-34)
    Claire Robling (S-35)
    Charles Wiger (S-55)

    25 House members
    Jim Abeler (H-48B)
    Bruce Anderson (H-19A)
    King Banaian (H-15B)
    Mark Buesgens (H-35B)
    Matt Dean (H-52B)
    Bob Dettmer (H-52A)
    Sondra Erickson (H-16A)
    Bob Gunther (H-24A)
    Tom Hackbarth (H-48A)
    Mary Liz Holberg (H-36A)
    Larry Howes (H-4B)
    Mary Kiffmeyer (H-16B)
    Ann Lenczewski (H-40B)
    Carolyn McElfatrick (H-3B)
    Mary Murphy (H-6B)
    Paul Marquart (H-9B)
    Bud Nornes (H-10A)
    Gene Pelowski (H-31A)
    Joyce Peppin (H-32A
    Linda Runbeck (H-53A)
    Steven Smith (H-33A)
    Chris Swedzinksi (H-21A)
    Bruce Vogel (H-13B)
    Torrey Westrom (H-11A)
    Kurt Zellers (H-32B)

    Now do your jobs and cover this.

    1. Citizen says:

      Thank you, Ginny! At least my GOP representative is not on the list. Although WCCO listed him as still taking his pay, and he tells me he is not.

  5. Richard says:

    Why is it that Mr. Michel NEVER answers the questions asked of him? In this case, he was asked why he thinks he should be pulling a pay check during this shutdown. His answer? AVOIDED IT!!!
    These republicans have put themselves into a real bind. So short-sighted.
    Fire them all!!

    1. Waste says:

      This is all a distraction from what needs to be done.
      He said, she said, boo hoo hoo…
      Who cares about the little stuff of who is getting paid, who has a cook.
      Dayton, sign the balanced budget and let’s get going.

  6. Ginny says:

    Esme/WCCO – Why don’t you ask Geoff Michel, Kurt Zellers, Amy Koch and the rest of the Republican leadership if they are proud of this government shutdown as Pawlenty says he is about the 2005 shutdown???

    1. Swamp Rat says:

      Ditto to that!!!

      1. TwinsRAwesome says:

        Ummm, I believe Dayton is governor and in charge of the state. Isn’t he, by your argument, then in charge of the state/shutdown? By the way, Pawlenty is no longer governor.

  7. middle of road says:

    Ginny et all, why can we not fix a fundamental problem with our government, that beign a never ending appetite for money and make it live within the available means? I fully understand that people are hurting, so you want to hurt the top 10% of wage earners more, that top 10% that already pay 74% of all taxes collected? Isn’t that similar to the logic of slaughtering the goose that lays the golden eggs? We all eat for today, but then what happens tomorrow? We need to fix the societal problems of having babies without a means to support them, of raising people to not be responsible for their actions, and of course the 50% of people that live in poverty and pay no taxes at all.

  8. Citizen says:

    @middle of road. First of all the proposal Governor Dayton originally promoted was increasing taxes on the top 5%, he lowered it to the top 2%, and finally offered up just increased taxes on the 7,700 millionaires in Minnesota. Hardly the 10% you are complaining about. Secondly, it is incredibly disingenuous on your part to propose “fixing” society’s problems. Really? Really? China tried the one-child policy which led to infanticide. The best solution to people living in poverty is job creation–and jobs that pay living wages. We haven’t seen that since the wealthy started their tantrum during Reagan’s term about decreasing their taxes so they could create jobs. What a lie that has turned out to be! Finally, you speak about “RAISING” people to be responsible for their actions. Well, parents can’t teach what they don’t know, and the schools are barely allowed to teach anything about morals or ethics any more. Great talking points and propaganda but absolutely no way to put a FIX on them.

    1. Waste says:

      You just don’t get it. You try to demonize group after group for low paying jobs. There are plenty of high paying jobs for people who want to pick up a book and better themselves.
      Quit demonizing big business, start to look at why businesses can’t find enough qualified people in this country.
      More and more, it seams everyone wants the beach house without hard work.
      Demonize tobacco so you can distribute their money, demonize big business, then millionaires, then who? Huh? Who’s next?
      Your appetite for stealing and giving is not going to stop until you are the only one in control and everyone has to go to Citizen for their handout.

      1. Citizen says:

        Yep. My plan is to control everything. My first official action will be to force you back to economics 101 to do the work over and over again until you get it right! That could be a while. History proves the trickle down theory is a lie, statistics prove that middle class wage earners are constantly going backwards in real earning power, the stock market does better under Democrats. Even Henry Ford knew you had to pay your workers enough to buy your product–and he did so–successful businessman that he was. But please don’t let facts, statistics, and history get in the way of your DELUSIONS–the GOP party sure doesn’t.

  9. Jake says:

    So funny, I keep hearing all this talk about compromise, then Esme and ‘cco stack the deck for the dfl by having 2 of the most radical, liberal, nutjob dflers that ever existed in Minnesota against a single republican. This wasn’t even a good TRY at being fair, this was a sorry attempt to publicly flog the GOP. I hope that decent citizens don’t fall for this juvenile, mob mentality tactic.

  10. Angus says:

    WCCO tv and radio do ask tough questions from Republican s. They do not talk about the no tax pledges. The white boys owning the media love the idea of not paying more taxes. Ever notice when ever hey have photos of Republicans they are always white, and generally well overweight. Generally have a token woman in the pix.

    Don’t you just love the executive making 8.5 million per year saying if he has to pay more taxes then it will hurt job growth? Note: he was white and over weight.
    Paul Walser, owner or co-owner of 11 or so car dealerships said he did not like paying more taxes (who does) but realized he was blessed and was willing to pay additional taxes. Wish the rest of the rich people were llike him, as he is honest and realizes he is very fortunate.

    The present conservatives remind me to Tail Gunner Joe McCarthy in the 1950s. Everyone who did not agree with him was a communist and he ruined many lives, some people comminting suicide, on basis of heresay and they did not toe the Republican line. Incidentally, Ike did nothing to stop that craziness, even when they attacked General George Marshall, one of our greatest Americans.

    1. Sittin on my butt says:

      Angus, very fortunate and perhaps a hard worker? Maybe those off the welfare bus from chicago could learn a thing from Mr. Walser.

    2. Angus the hater says:

      Nice racist comments Angus.

    3. Black Angus says:

      And every time you see a photo of Democrats, they are frowning loosers wanting more and regarding the “Token Woman”, the dems have them in the picute too, you just can’t tell which one in the photo it is.

  11. Cheri Bunker says:

    It was really irritating that you asked Senator Michel several times whether he thought it was fair that he drew a paycheck while others out of a job and he would not answer the question and put it back on the people of Minnesota!

  12. treading water says:

    Timmy Pawlenty is proud of of his no new taxes. We heard it for 8 years. Funny, in spite of the great track record he espouses we have a five billion dollar deficit. Easily the worst governor in the history of Minnesota. Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results is the definition of insanity. Common sense says maybe we try something different GOP. I dislike paying more taxes as much as anyone but these are extraordinary times. So we need to do whatever is necessary to get out from under. Unfortunately that involves raising revenue. Once we do that and the pressure is off we need to take a hard look at all the GOP and DFL pork and start cutting it.We need to do it before we’re up against the wall so we can make good decisions.

  13. Norge says:

    TANSTAAFL!! Keep ‘er shut-down until the tax’n spenders finally get the message. Their lyin’ tax the rich class-warfare act is wearing thin as people realize it is really “punish anyones success so they can’t become wealthy like us and challenge our power”! Outlaw public-employee unions, impeach the corrupt liberal judges that put Dayton and Franken in office by throwing out all the military absentee ballots and then hang them for treason! Keep it shut-down until we can over-ride Daytons vetos. Liberalism/socialism/facism/communism….all the same…rule by tryanny. What part of NO NEW TAXES are liberals to stupid to understand??

    1. Flower child says:

      Norge = GOP troll. Don’t feed the trolls!

  14. xxx says:

    Since the Governor and legislators don’t seem interested in opening up the government, perhaps we should just be a state with no government.

    Of course, I expect that it will get more urgent in the winter time, when there are no plows on the road plowing snow, and after a few years, no roads left because they have all broken up.
    But that is our gift for no government.
    Of course if we have no government with no services, we will pay no taxes as well.
    Think of all of the savings to all of us.

    1. legal immigrant says:

      That would be a good start.. then we could really see what is essential…

  15. xxx says:

    Why is it that all of the state employees are getting 50% of their pay when not working?
    why is it that all of the state employees get their health benefits paid, when they are not working?

    If a person is laid off in private industry, they get 0 pay and get 0 health benefits.

  16. Angus says:

    Again the wrong info from the right. State employees are not getting 50% of their pay, and they will not get back pay.

    The Republicans are the true fanatics. “A fanatic is someone who redoubles their efforts when hey have forgotten their objectives”.

  17. Swamp Fox says:

    Well, political sports fans, it’s time to stop talking and take action. Bring out the recall petitions and rattle some politicians to put up or shut up. Minnesota has a proud political tradition of making things work for the benefit of its electorate. Never in all the years I lived in this state have I ever, en masse, experienced such buffoonery from elected officials!! The Legislature was elected to get this state back on proper fiscal tracks and so far it has derailed the state into the economic abyss called default &/or depression! When is the blame games and rabid name calling going to stop?

    There was a time when stalwart political leadership would slug it out and haggle to the end of a Legislative session but would come out with a ‘compromised’, agreed upon fiscal package that all could take back to the electorate. That was the MN way of politics and it worked. [We may not all agreed with it, but, for better or worse, the system worked.]

    The legislature did its job and went home. The Governor, meanwhile, upon signing the budget bill[s] into law, was to do his job and follow through and make sure the budget enactments worked. That isn’t the case today when elected officials have their personal agendas to promulgate along with political ideologies that have no chance of ever working for the electorate’s benefit.

    Self-centerness, political greed, grandstanding political buffonery, and just plain stupid political ignorance rule the day with many who were elected to serve a constituency that was “…mad as hell [and] were not going to take it anymore!!!…” When is the Legislature going to do its job and get this state back on track again?

    The budget deficit can be fixed and eliminated. Yes, there will be a bit of pain to swallow to do it. Stop the die-hard ersatz political attitudes, be Minnesotan and get the job done. Otherwise, at the present daily rate of economic losses to us all, fiscal default and ruin will be the order of the day.

  18. dripable says:

    At least some bloggers can write. Thanks for this article!

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