MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Sunday night’s storms are responsible for a handful of fires across the metro.

A family in Edina, Minn. had some scary moments after lightning hit a gas meter at their home.

Firefighters were called to 73rd Avenue and Schey Drive and they found the gas meter on the side of the house on fire. Crews said lightning hit a tree then moved the gas meter.

“As the storm moved in, a tree in the front yard was struck by lightning. We figured the lighting traveled down into the front yard and ruptured the gas line and meter on the exterior of the house,” said Tom Schmitz, battalion chief of the Edina Fire Department.

They put water on the fire but then had to dig up the lawn in order to shut the gas off.

“It probably took a good hour and a half for the gas companies to get to that line and shut it off,” said Schmitz.

WCCO Interviews Tom Schmitz

A bedroom in the home was damaged and a couple of windows are boarded up, but firefighters got the situation under control and everyone got out OK.

In St. Paul, firefighters believe lightning is also responsible for a garage fire on the 800 block of Raymond Avenue.

The fire started on the roof of the garage, but crews said the damage is minor.

No one was hurt in that fire.

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Comments (6)
  1. GOP says:

    They must be DFL liberals and God nearly struck them dead as a warning.

    1. Just Sayin' says:

      Why do people like you always need to say dumb things like that? It was a storm…..a house was hit by lighting. NOT EVERYTHING HAS TO DO WITH RELIGION OR POLITICS.

      You’re annoying!

      1. GOP says:

        It seemed fitting for these posts – I was just kidding

        1. M B says:

          No it wasn’t fitting, and you weren’t kidding. You only apologize now that it blew up in your face. If you were kidding, you would have said it in the original post.

          Instead it came off as being completely inconsiderate being that people’s lives were actually at stake here, and trying to link it to divine intervention on a political party only sinks it to new lows.

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