‘MacGyver Bombs’ Tossed Onto Iowa Mall Roof

MASON CITY, Iowa (AP) — Police say a fire started by “MacGyver bombs” atop Southbridge Mall in Mason City quickly burned itself out.

The devices are made by pouring liquid drain cleaner and another liquid into pop bottles.

Police say the bottles were tossed onto the mall roof around 1:50 p.m. Saturday.

Police Sgt. Steve Klemas told the Mason City Globe Gazette that the bombs caused little damage.

“MacGyver” is a reference to the former TV show by that name. The star character (played by Richard Dean Anderson, pictured above) used ingenuity in making weapons or other devices out of ordinary substances or items.

  • Mr. Me

    hmmm, doesn’t take MacGyver to figure out the other liquid

  • Iconoclast

    Another stock photo laugh courtesy of WCCO. I said it before and I’ll say it again, if you wouldn’t use it in print or on TV don’t use it on the web. It’s lame and cheap.

  • idiocracy

    In soviet russia, bombs MacGyver you!

    This article is insulting to MacGyver. If the vandals said “let’s MacGyver us up some bombs”… I’d let it slide. But, combining two common, readily available liquids to start a fire that doesn’t save your life… very insulting to call them MacGyver bombs.

    • idiocracy

      They probably got the mixture wrong too, that’s probably why there was a fire. Not very MacGyver like.

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