Police: Pastor Touches Woman Seeking Spiritual Advice

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – A pastor from a Minneapolis ministry has been charged with one count of criminal sexual conduct after he allegedly rubbed his erection on a woman to whom he had been giving spiritual guidance.

Police arrested 52-year-old Steven Rogers (who also goes by Robinson), a pastor associated with Deliverance Ministries Body of Christ, on July 6.

According to a police report, Rogers was delivering some religious literature to the victim’s Bloomington home on July 5 when the incident occurred. Rogers ran his fingers through the victim’s hair, kissed her on the temple and rubbed his penis on her vaginal area during an “embrace.”

The report said the victim sought out Rogers to help her deal with repressed memories of sexual assaults she suffered as a teen. The victim had been receiving spiritual guidance from Rogers for nearly a year.

She reported the incident to Bloomington police on July 6.

During an interview with police, in which he admitted to the victim’s version of events, Rogers said he has trouble getting erections. When he and the victim embraced, Rogers said he felt something he hadn’t in some time.

Rogers told police that “his bottom part” touched the victim. He also said that he violated the victim’s trust and was guilty.

Rogers has been charged with one count of criminal sexual conduct in the fourth degree, which is a felony and can be punished by up to 10 years in prison and/or a fine of up to $20,000.


One Comment

  1. Weed Can Save Us says:

    wonder what the invisible man will have to say about this one

    1. Franco says:

      Not sure how the commoner can’t just look at this guy and say “stay away, he’s a pervert!”

  2. Jim Saporito says:

    These sorts of sessions really need to be done with clothes on.

  3. See BS says:

    I wonder how much Teacher Pension and Nursing home pudding money they are going to spend on this?

    Men are put on this earth to be horn dogs.

  4. Tan pup says:

    That’s some embrace!. What was in that literature? This excuse is SO bad, it’s commical. However, I will bet that a judge will believe him and feel for the poor dude, I mean “man of god” and his penalty will be a prescription for viagra.

  5. Alfred says:

    Since when is dry-humping a crime?

  6. wandawhytegurl says:

    Hey Jeff are u a stupid black dude playin’ on the internet? Dumb white boy? Both?

  7. Kevin says:

    The church fits….”Body Of Christ”………Aint diversity grand?

    1. p says:

      You always leave the same comment. I think you mean to say that you have a shameless hatred for people of color.

  8. jimmy says:

    Hope she was worth it!

  9. G says:

    It wasnt with a little boy… at least its a step in a better direction…

  10. Jake says:

    Oh man, this is an original story. I couldn’t have thought this one up to save my life.

  11. Sam I am says:

    “He felt something down there that he hasn’t felt in quite some time”.

    If you forgot what it was it must have been a helluva a long time.

    1. drts says:

      Someone should ask him if he has been praying to John Paul II. This could be the second miracle they are holding up his sainthood over.

  12. See BS says:

    Seems like Al Gore did a lot more to that massage therapist in Oregon.

    1. Always blame the other party says:

      So I guess that makes what this guy did okay.

      1. See BS says:

        What did he do? Give her a hug with a woody?

        Whoopty Doopty!

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