The 19 Most Hated Companies

Everyone has some company they can’t stand. The Atlantic has put together a list of the 19 most hated companies. Where does yours rank?

  • Elle Elle Tee

    Since elected legislators are hired (elected) and paid by MN’s taxpayers, they SHOULD BE DOING THEIR JOBS each and every day, and not take any pay until the job is done ‘right’. If you or I or any other of the ‘ordinary” people were hired (elected) to be doing a job, IF/WHEN we did not do that work to keep our employer ‘up and running’, we would be made redundant (FIRED) quickly as Jack Flash! Any of the legislators who aren’t doing the job for which they were hired (elected) – then, REPLACE THEM with someone who knows what to do/how to ‘git ‘er done! And do that NOW. Not in 2-3 weeks or 2-3 months or by time that the school year begins again – IF there even are any funds for schools for our children to attend. Also – any of them who are NOT doing the job for which they were hired (elected) – NO PAY for them, since their salaries come out of the ‘ordinary’ person’s tax burden. Signed – An Elderly ‘Ordinary’ Person

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