Fla. Protester To MN: Why Don’t You Get Out And March?

ST. PAUL (WCCO) — There haven’t been any negotiations between Gov. Mark Dayton and Republican lawmakers on day 12 of the state shutdown, but there’s been plenty of talk.

As the Gov. tours the state, activity on the state capitol grounds is full of heated rhetoric.

Some of the protests in St. Paul Tuesday were planned and some were spontaneous.

In fact, Minnesotans weren’t the only ones with signs. A tour bus from Florida filled with seniors who are touring Capitol buildings around the country arrived and said this is the only one they can’t get into.

They had harsh words for state leaders and those not standing up for their jobs in Minnesota.

“I don’t know why we outsiders have to come here and stand on your steps. I came here one time and there was one man protesting,” said Martha Harrow, who lives in Florida. “Why are you all sleeping? Why are you sitting on your ass? Why don’t you get out and march and protest?”

Meanwhile, Dayton left St. Paul Tuesday and started his tour of the state in St. Cloud. He met with parents and teachers of special needs students to highlight the impact of budget cuts on special education.

Dayton told the group he has a nephew with autism.

“The purpose in me coming here today — and going elsewhere around the state — is to communicate to Minnesotans what’s at stake for them, for us, in these budget deliberations,” he said. “And how important it is that all of our voices are heard so that we have a balanced compromise quickly as possible; one that protects those with special needs … education … home health care. It’s about people.”

Dayton will visit Rochester Wednesday and Moorhead on Friday.

Republicans and Democrats continue blaming each other for the shutdown impasse. While Dayton took his budget message on the road, Republican Majority leader Amy Koch was critical of Dayton for not allowing her to accompany him on the tour.

Dayton said the Republicans’ time might be better spend coming up with a budget offer.

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  • Keith A. McCorkell

    What happen to fair unbias reporting? WCCO is again showing their pro DFL support with their reporting. The report on the elderly ladies on the tour bus protesting at the State Capitol was incomplete. Do you mean to tell your viewers that these ladies sat in their bus, having all of the necessary materials, and created the dozens of signs that they were holding? Who provided these signs? The DFL? Channel 4-WCCO?
    Come on!!! Be real!!! Do you really think that your average viewer is that stupid? Be honest and tell the truth!!!!

    • Nate

      What do their signs have anything to do with a DFL bias? I’m pretty sure the government shutdown is the fault of both parties.

      • Chasimoto

        NO.NO.NO.NO.NO. The legislature provided Dayton with a balance budget with a 6% INCREASE of the previous biennium. The shutdown falls squarely on Dayton’s shoulders!!!!

        • Steve

          You really have NO CLUE do you?

          • just saying

            obviously you don’t.

            • ya ya betcha

              obviously no one does not even either party!!

              • TwinsRAwesome

                “The legislature provided Dayton with a balance budget with a 6% INCREASE of the previous biennium. The shutdown falls squarely on Dayton’s shoulders!!!!” What is so hard to understand about this? THANKS CHASIMOTO!!!

                • schooled

                  Smart like floor

      • Tan pup

        Really, how about that legislation for morality at the last minute. How about the top 7700 people paying the same as someone who earns less than they do? Who is the biased one now. Accept the facts – all of them. Oh, and I really doubt you are one of those 7,700.

        • Hunter

          Ladies and Gentlemen, Pink Puppie shows us once again that the MN herd needs to be thinned out some. It’s is a perfect example of someone who greets and wakes up each morning to a great big glass of stupid juice. “The top 7700 people paying the same as someone who earns less than they do”—Christ, how did you make it out of kindergarden class. Let me guess—special Ed class??

          • Jim

            Hunter, do you have anything to add to the discussion other than personal insults? Good use of your time?

            • Hunter

              F’en Absolutley—I call out, pick apart and humble the various idiots from the MN Liberal herd that scribe their baseless dialog, non-logical statemens, erronous stats and rants. Now go back to washing your bed sheets you wetted last night, Jim.

              • Badger

                What a jerk you are! And maybe you should learn to spell, Mr. Intelligent!

      • bob marcotte

        .Not hardly, Nate.
        This whole mess sits squarely on the shoulders of Gov Dufus.
        He is the one who turned down a short term, temp funding bill that would have keept the State running. This was proposed by the Legislature.
        Republicans were elected because they ran on no taxs, tax reduction, fiscal responsibility.
        Liberals are the morons to blame.
        What you need to do, Nate. is get educated and pay attention. Put blame where it belongs.

    • Michelle Bachmann

      The truth is the Republicans don’t want to compromise, they want it their way or nothing at all – they haven’t come up with anything yet. They are all for the rich and we all know it!!! Bunch of idiots!

      • Dayton is weak

        @Michelle Why should the Republicans do anything but wait? Governor Dayton keeps lowering his budget requests. What not keep waiting until he finally agrees with the $34B budget? It will happen.

      • bob marcotte

        Stupid does as stupid is.
        Or is it stupid is as stupid does.
        Substitute Dummycrates and now you get it right.

    • Anita Biggerbus

      See this report proves it….. several people other than overpaid AFSCME members notice that the state is “shut down”

      ….. Old people on tour buses and union workers hit hardest – the mean GOP is to blame

      • @anita BIGGERBUS


        • Anita Biggerbus

          no you read it right the first time.

          I know you say you haven’t had a raise in a decade but keyboards are inexpensive and you seem to need a new one being that your “caps lock” is stuck.

          • @anita BIGGERBUS

            Yoy are a looser

            • Anita Biggerbus

              Oh good you figured out the “caps lock” key

              Now in your time off you can work on simple spelling. Its getting better but you still spelled half of the 4 words wrong in your last comment.

              • Jim

                Anita, got anything of substance to add? Do you really think insulting people is going to convince anyone? I’m sure you were a bit hit on the playground, but it’s time to grow up.

              • James

                LOL. @anita BIGGERBUS, If you’re looking for work, I hear the betty ford clinic needs a new bartender.

    • Steve

      You are outta your mind…do you know who owns cco pal????

    • Who's Bias

      What about Fox 9 news always showing their support for the GOP.

      • just saying

        Because they are fair and balanced….
        They are telling the truth.

        • Tan pup

          and owned by Rupert who is such a high upstanding fellow.

  • Mike Hawk

    Well I’m at work but all of those state workers don’t have an excuse. If it was my job & I didn’t have $hit else to do that’s where I’d be. Bunch of lazy SOBs!!!

    • maggieMn

      Mike Hawk. WIsh you would leave this state or lose your job.

    • Anon

      I agree with mike, the state workers are being seen as the lazy people that they are. Also if our state can function with so many of these workers laid off, maybe we should consider making many of these lay offs permanent. That would help balance the budget

      • @anita BIGGERBUS

        Maybe you should crowl in hole.

        • Redneck Purist

          TRUE AMERICAN, is that you? I’d recognize that second grade spelling and diction anywhere. I truly hope this is all over soon so you can get back to doing what you do best. Leaning on a shovel.

    • Ed

      Lazy SOBs huh, how about the fact that many state workers aren’t waiting around twindling their thumbs as you say they are and taking other opportunities elsewhere. Any good business should know that you keep taking away from your workers they will eventually leave for a better package elsewhere. The ones not leaving are typically the less qualified ones that can’t get the other opportunities elsewhere, good luck trying to build an efficient work force.thru that.

      • Big C

        Do any of you realize that there are real families here hurting? Most state workers aren’t overpaid and can’t afford to drive down to the capital now that they have no income. Do you really think most people are going to take a job elsewhere when they could very well have their previous job back soon? I don’t think you should be labeling people “less qualified” just because they don’t take a job elsewhere. Those people your bashing could very well be your neighbors. This is different than a real layoff because you don’t know if you should move on or not. By the way state workers are thought of on here I think they should all move on to a different state where people actually care about other humans.

        • Redneck Purist

          I don’t think people really think all state employees are of no use or are bad employees. But the state has over spent, and many of these jobs are redundant and therefore wasteful. And no one is lining up to volunteer to leave their job for the good of the state. So we need to make the cuts. And we shouldn’t keep people in their jobs just because they might be our neighbors. Companies downsize and lay off employees all the time. I was laid off two years ago. The state needs to be able to make necessary cuts when times are lean, and right now they are lean. If we don’t do what needs to be done now, we’ll crash hard later.

          • Ruth

            The only people who should be volunteering to lose their jobs – permanently – are the politicians and the governor. None of them are essential as it turns out.

    • Tan pup

      I bet you would be the first one to register for umemployment and complain it doesn’t equal your take home pay. Oh, and maybe you might get that pink slip soon; considering you are not “working”, your commenting on a blog.

  • Bob

    Seriously?? We now have people from Florida here to protest? What are they protesting and why?

    • Sandy

      they are touring all capitals, this is the only one they can not get into to tour, that is what the article said, they did not come here to protest.

      • worker

        Then where did they get the signs???
        And they had no clue before leaving their previous spot?
        Nice try DFL.
        The next bus is going to be Minnesota workers, oh wait, they are working…

        • Tan pup

          They are old; what else do they have to do? These people probably are from MN and moved to FL to avoid paying taxes here. Got to love that!

  • Middle of the road

    “you stay there and tell me what I want to hear while I go out and try to get people to tell you to tell me what I want to hear. Brilliant, juat billiant.

  • kevin

    They all look like ex state workers that have fled the state when they started receiving there pensions from MN.

    • Hunter

      I don’t care who ya are, but that’s funny right there!!

  • mike

    I keep thinking about those state workers who were caught last year by Channel 5 going to SA, taking long breaks and being useless!!!

  • Wasting time

    Sign holders serve no purpose to anyone but themselves. They should be working instead of this emotionally charged nonsense. No wonder the state is in trouble if this is what they hire. Go get a job people of mow sombody’s lawn.

    • Tan pup

      News flash; if you are talking about the state workers – they had a job which contributed to the tax base as well as the economic well being of you. Also, tell me; where is that job tree see? You poor soul, in your simple mind; so many lawns; so few workers – Mowing a lawn – that should help put food on the table. . . It’s too bad you are so narrow and fearful of standing up for what you believe in -outside of hiding behind a keyboard. It is people just like you who stick their heads in the sand and refuse to rock the boat (for any reason) and continue being a rug. By the way, what is your purpose to the overall contribution to humanity?

      • New flash plus size (high school teacher)

        Tan pup, these losers aren’t standing up for anything. Don’t kid yourself. If that were the case they wouldn’t all be in unison and only after the state forced it. Face it, 99.9% of the public workers can’t make it in a lateral job in the private sector. It get’s worse for there, just look at the teachers. Pure entitlement. Stomping up and down to save their thiefdoms. They’ve been exposed. Now it’s time to cut the fat from MN gov’t to 50% or less.

  • david

    Now here is an idea, instead of looking for someone to blame, do something about it. All I ever read here is your everyday average run of the mill person, doing the same thing that the politicians you claim to dislike are doing, playing the blame game. STOP it and do something about it, OR is it easier just to sit at home on your computers and do nothing but complain. Protest, have recall petitions circulated, but do something!!!!!

    • maggieMn

      David. First sane comment I’ve read! Totally agree. Wish all the politicians would read it and understand it as well.


    Anyone who is a republican is dirty filth.

    • Non-Filthy Republican

      Nice, constructive argument there, GOPSUX. Not all Republicans agree with the “my way or the highway” mentality that plagues BOTH parties. There is a way to compromise, but this finger-pointing and demonizing is not helping.

    • Ferris Lind

      God your an Idiot

    • GOPSUX

      My name is GOPSUX, and I am a complete idiot. I admit it. I have no real future. I am also really fat and I smell bad. I haven’t been laid in years. I guess thats what happens being a liberal. Oh did I forget? I am really lazy too. I like people giving me their money and eating doritos…. ooh those cool ranch are my favorite. Probably the reason I have a few zits, but thats ok, my right hand doesn’t care.

      • Non-Filthy Republican

        What a dumb A$$

    • P. Wellstone

      It is better to let people assume you are an ignorant moran, than to type messages proving that their assumption is correct.

  • Jean

    It’s called “Passive/Agressive”-as well known in this state as “Minnesota Nice:!

  • John

    He found time to take a tour around the state but won’t have time to solve the the budget plan. He’s wasting our tax payer money. They need to wake up and smell the coffee or this state is going to be a dead zone like other cities

  • Trudy B

    Because these politicians need to learn how to do their jobs without us. It’s what we’re paying them for. What good is protesting going to do? The people of MN can not rescue the government, they need to learn to control their spending otherwise they will expect us to bail them out of the next overspend. When you have less income in your household, what do you do? Spend less right? Make cuts right? Same should be for the government – spend less. I see the White House Staffers got an avg of an 8% raise and Matthew Vogel, special assistant for economic policy got an 82% raise. Nice belt tightening that Obama promised among his staffers.

    • Steve

      Try making the wealthy pay their share as they did under Clinton…State spending will always go up as people’s needs increase..its a revenue problem…the spending will always be there…

      • leroy

        Good idea Steve,
        Let’s hand out more money to get pregnant while in High School, increase the number of years you can be on welfare. Heck, let’s give every Minnesotan $1000.00
        That should solve the budget problem.
        How about everyone pays taxes?
        Otherwise people like you will always want someone else to pay your way.

        • Just saying

          Bravo… bravo…
          Steve lacks common sense.

      • Hunter

        Duh??? Here lieth the problem blowhard…state spending always increases regardless of current of future revenues. Your brilliant idea, if a shortfall, spend more and tax more…specifically tax the working rich. We’ve never seen a created government program, tax or fee that goes away, ever. Once it’s there, it’s there forever, regardless of the the times. People’s needs don’t automatically mean they be provided or administered by the governement.

    • Won't Compromise

      Well what about the 138 legislatures that are still getting paid during this shutdown and have voted for automatically getting a raise each year and then they try and tell the people (Geoff Micals) that we felt it was right to cut our own spending first, right ! They cut their per diem by 10 dollars, what a sacrifice but they want to cut billions from the poor and middle class but can’t raise a dollar tax on the rich, who are the crazy people.

      • Hunter

        It’s called cutting billions of UNEEDED government spending. Gov Goofy says we can’t function with a $36 billion state budget (the largest budget in this states history)?? HS, the sky is falling………NOT!!

    • bob marcotte

      Steve lacks anything close to, or, even resembling common sense.

  • Steve

    After reading some of the TeapubliCON’S statements here , its easy to see who messed up MN…Timmy and the GOP

    • bud

      Oh really,
      It had nothing to do with a massive stimulus bursting? Or are you clueless to the housing crisis that was caused by the government?
      By your analysis, if you can call it that, with the Dems in control of 2/3rds of the state at that time, the Dems are 2/3rds responsible, where Tim was only 1/3rd.

    • Just saying

      Really because Minnesota has been heavily liberal for years… so you think that it’s happened that fast all because of the GOP? Interesting analysis there Erkel.

    • Stacy


    • bob marcotte

      Steve, baby. I thought perhaps you were a little feeble in the brain department. Now, having read more of your posts, you have removed all doubt..

  • recall

    I think we all should recall Koch and Zeller.

    • ME

      Yes the morons need to go.

    • Had it up to here

      Yeah and then the deer in the headlights stare of Dayton would glimmer brightly, just what a liberal would want! Recall Dayton the man is a old school family money putz! His own family didn’t want him to waste anymore “DAYTON wealth” running for office! I just had a horrible thought!!!!!!!!!!!!! he’ll run against who ever beats obama in 2012 in 2016! Get rid of bum!

  • Steve

    Wish we could recall em recall…

    • Just saying

      Greatfully they won’t be. Get a job steve.

      • Hunter

        Go easy on poor Steve. And I believe he has a job. He’s a tenured teacher that works a few months of the year and doesn’t have to worry about being accountable or factual on his preachings to any boss or higher power. Just look at his scribings…..

        • bud

          QHunter I bet you cry when your hands get dirty dont you?

  • P. Wellstone

    WDFL…oops I meant WCCO, always reports from the middle! No left leaning here.

  • Tan pup

    What I find amusing is that all of these comments about lazy state workers reflect someone not actually doing their jobs, just blogging; unless of coarse they work for WCCO. Might want to think about that. One other thought, what makes your job so essential to anyone but you?

    • P. Wellstone

      The beauty of this to me is that as a state employee during the shutdown 1) I get some nice summer time off 2) I can collect unemployment and 3) when I return to “work”, I will receive back-pay for my time off. PLUS, I get all of this for being “non-essential”! Don’t all of you private sector folks get the sme thing during a lay-off or down-sizing? God bless MN and the USA.

      • Stateworker

        And we get to retire earllier than you private sector people.
        By rule of 90, I can retire when I am 58.
        You all have to work until your 67.

        • Had it up to here

          You work or just show up and draw acheck? Yup the latter, thought so

        • Had it up to here

          Pucking Unions!

        • Lazy bones

          Betcha all your marbles you don’t get to retire at 58 bubba. It will change this year or next.

        • State worker no more

          You must have a good job:) Can’t believe some poor sap would get up each day and drone on for 60 years in the public sector, then brag about retirement.

      • Big C

        What makes you think state workers get back-pay? That is not in any plans I’ve seen. Last time they had to use their vacation. Nice summer vacation. Can’t really go anywhere because you don’t know when you will have to go back to work and then when you get back all of your vacation is gone.

    • Hunter

      Pink Puppie….aka, Esme Murphy……
      My mama says, stupid is as stupid does……..

  • Trudy B

    Just be careful who you vote for…

    • Nate

      Yeah. This is really easy because all of the politicians run clean and honest campaigns that really get to the heart of their core values.

  • Sarah in Outstate MN

    Why didn’t Dayton call a “lights on” sesson? He could have avoided this, but didn’t. That being said, both sides need to come to a compromise. FAST (yes, I am shouting).

  • Had it up to here

    Ok lets see if I understand this Dayton is pandering his views to the (at most)5% of parents of special needs students, and “feeling there pain” so as to speak because he has anephew with autism? really? REALLY! i’M NOT TRIING TO BE THE BAD GUY BUT SERIOUSLY FOLKS! I agree special needs students and their families need some help.
    But realistically DAYTON needs his head examined(look at his eyes) he’s clueless as the needs and expectations of the magority of state residents!
    Lesson one DAYTON, you(the state/democrats) can’t take care of evrryones problems, you can’t take care of your own!
    To all politicains regardless of party (sigh) affiliation, a flat tax on income across the board. Limit ALL state “paid” social services to $600 per month, per family member capped at $3600 per month for a maximum of 3 years.Encourage people to become “self sufficent” as opposed to being ‘state dependent(s)”. This would trim millions over the next 3 years and beyond.
    Lets tax fast food based on the unhealthy lifestyle and”financial burden” it puts on the State health system, say 25% for anything the FDA deems as having excessive sodium/sugar or fat,
    Reopen Canterberry Park and Running Aces, the state will never recover the lost revenue and the future of keeping Quality horses around the area is slim.
    I would run for office but I feel I cannot, as I inhaled( I know shame on me) and I like to make career politicians cry! Why do I have to drive over 2 hours to get POWERBALL?! Get with it all you ghumbalones nambypamby politicians, do whats right for those that voted you in and surely will vote you OUT!

    • Had it up to here

      Sorry about the typo’s but I tend to get excited about tis mess, and the $3600 a month is more than a lot of 2 income families NOT getting state services clear every month.

    • P. Wellstone

      Dayton was a self-admitted failure as a US Senator for MN. He has never had a real job in his life. These facts, and many more, made him a perfect choice for Governor.

  • bob marcotte

    Liberals, intellectually bankrupt, mentally constipated and 4-ever stuck on stupid.
    Liberals flatly are incapable of competing in the arena of ideas. trying to have a reasonable conversation a liberal usually lasts about 2 minutes. At that point, they start calling you names, play the class warefare thing, the race card, and accuse you of everything. It goes on at nausium.
    History shows that some nimrod Dummycrate will spend the time to point out all the miss-spelling, puncuation and grammor errors.

  • Always in favor of less government

    Maybe I’m missing something, but why do we care about some Florida retirees and their comments about our shutdown?

    • Had it up to here

      Florida has retirees?

    • Jake

      Yeah, and did you catch the accent of that big-mouthed old woman?? Definitely a new yawka. What does she care about the state of our gov’t anyway? Does she even know that NY just passed a budget that CUTS spending and doesn’t raise ANY taxes?? Why isn’t she protesting there?

  • Deep Thinker

    If Tony Sutton & Amy Koch had a baby together, do you think it would be obese?

    • Oh Yeah. So What

      They would probably eat the baby.

  • Keep It Real

    The marching should be to recall Dayton. Funny how the libs try to pin this on Tpaw, even though he could only sign the budget they sent him. Yet somehow they think this is the Reps fault, who passed a fair balanced budget which Marky D refuses to sign.

  • Jake

    The reason that many of us aren’t down at the Capitol wasting our time is because we are actually WORKING and PAYING TAXES, something that I’m sure at least some of these loud-mouthed tourists don’t know too much about.

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