Metrodome Roof May Be Inflated Soon

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — The Minneapolis skyline should look like it’s old self once again this week, once crews finish work to re-inflate the torn Metrodome roof.

According to the Metropolitan Sports Facilities Commission, the crews will install the last fiberglass panel and seal the fabric this week.

The roof will then be given a test inflation and, if all goes well, will stay inflated while crews wrap up their work.

The Metrodome collapsed after heavy snowfall last December and has been out of commission ever since. The Vikings had to play using the Gophers’ TCF Bank Stadium as their home turf.

Contractors were given a deadline of Aug. 1 to finish work, but it was still up in the air whether the work would be completed ahead of schedule. The MSFC said there were still a number of projects left to be finished on the $22.7 million project.

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  • Rob

    I wonder if they still think they can have it ready by the end of the 2010 football season …

  • The Fan

    The MetroDome – A Minnesota Treasure, can’t wait till it’s back up and running!

  • Fran

    So Zygi has options:

    -Play in the Dome.
    -Play at the TCF Stadium at the University.
    -Pay for and build his own stadium.
    -Move the team.
    -Bribe and coerce the stupidest and most corrupt legislatures into giving him hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars.

    Mark Dayton is already on board for the last option.

    • 82nd Airborne

      “-Play at the TCF Stadium at the University.”

      Not a possibility. They have a lease that must be honored. Period.

      “-Pay for and build his own stadium.”

      This has never happened in the history of the NFL, and won’t happen now. Get a clue.

    • Ragnar

      Also, nobody is suggesting giving Zygi Wilf ANY MONEY.

      Minor detail you glossed over during your nonsensical rant about nothing.

    • Get a

      Franny – I believe the article is strictly about inflating the dome, not building a new stadium. Thanks

  • gnat42

    Vikings still suck. Go Pack (2010 Super Bowl Champions)!

    • Brian

      No doubt about that.

  • Brian

    It’s rather unfortunate they decided to even replace the roof in the first place. Take the insurance and tear the isore down. Minneapolis is in need of a new/better waterpark anyway. That end of downtown needs a jolt.

  • Ted

    Great! Get that thing inflated and then from a helicopter drop the Govenor and all legislators onto the trampoline roof – those who bounce safely stay in office. Those who don’t get the blame for the state shutdown.

  • vikessuk

    Who gives a dam?

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