Metrodome Roof Set For Inflation, But Work Continues

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — On Wednesday at 7 a.m., the Metropolitan Sports Facilities Commission will attempt to “raise the roof” at the Metrodome after seven months of sagging.

All 106 panels, or 10 acres, of roof are now in place and now just need to be sealed. The acoustics also need to be in place before the inflation can happen.

“We will have people working throughout the night,” said Steve Maki with the MSFC. “The roofing contractors are doing quite a bit of work on all their seal and enclosures which all have to be in place prior to inflation.”

If the weather cooperates and there are calm winds for 2-3 hours, it will take about 3 hours to inflate the Metrodome.

Patrick Strother from Strother Communications Group has been watching the work from his 41st-floor perch.

“It looks like a quilt being patched together,” Strother said.

His company had been updating a blog every Monday. They hope by next week, the Metrodome looks like it used to.

The MSFC said there will still be work to complete inside. They hope to host an Open House by Aug. 20, just seven days before the Minnesota Vikings preseason game against the Dallas Cowboys — that is if the NFL lockout is over.

  • Alfred

    Good, now Zygi has these options:

    -Play in the Dome.
    -Play at TCF stadium at the University.
    -Pay for his own damn stadium.
    -Move the team.
    -Bribe and coerce the corrupt and stupid politicians into giving him hundreds of millions of dollars.

    Mark Dayton is on board with the last option.

  • drts

    The dome will be good as new. Unfortunately.

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