Twins Blog: Our Magical All-Star

Today is Michael Cuddyer’s day. He definitely earned the manager’s selection into tonight’s All-Star Game. He’s one of the reasons why the 2011 Twins are still grasping on hopes to make a run at the Central Division Title in the second half.

A few years ago I tried to harness the magic wielded by this ultra-utility player known as Cuddy so I created the Cuddy Magic Bobble Ball.

I figured since Cuddy is playing in the All-Star Game today, it would be good to have my Twins fan co-workers ask him a couple questions.

Producer Greg Litman asked, “Will Ben Revere win the AL Rookie of the Year?”

greglitmancuddyball Twins Blog: Our Magical All Star

(credit: CBS)

The Cuddy Magic Bobble Ball answered, “Yes.”

Photographer Sean Skinner asked, “Will Danny Valencia finally become the player he thinks he should be?”

skinnercuddyball Twins Blog: Our Magical All Star

(credit: CBS)

The Cuddy Magic Bobble Ball responded, “Yes.”

Sportsman Mark Rosen asked, “Will Joe Mauer still be the son I raised and end this season with a batting average of .300 or above?”

rosencuddyball Twins Blog: Our Magical All Star

(credit: CBS)

The “CMBB” said, “My sources say no.”

rosencuddyanswer Twins Blog: Our Magical All Star

(credit: CBS)


And fellow Twins Blogger, Melissa Martz inquired, “Since you (Cuddy) have played ALMOST every position, is relief pitcher in your future?”

melissacuddyball Twins Blog: Our Magical All Star

(credit: CBS)

The response, “You may rely on it.”


What are your questions?

I bet one could be when are fans going to get a new bobblehead?

Answer: You can get a limited edition bobble head of a WCCO All Star on July 16th at the Alexandria Beetles game! They will be giving out Don Shelby Bobbleheads before the game!!!

donshelbybobblehead Twins Blog: Our Magical All Star

(credit: CBS)

  • Keep It Real

    There not my all stars. They are a bunch of steroid-pump, un-athletic hobos who would be working at McD’s or pumping gas if 35% of America wasn’t too stupid to watch the most boring game on the planet.

    • Good use of your time?

      My all star is a person who thinks baseball is boring, but is so bored with his own life that he surfs the internet for baseball stories so he can make comments about “the most boring game on the planet.”

  • PJ

    Not very opinionated are you!

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