By Esme Murphy

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — The government shutdown has had wide reaching effects on individuals and businesses but could this ongoing dispute tarnish the Minnesota “brand” — the state’s reputation and ability to sell itself as a desirable location for business and tourism?

That question is up for debate with some experts, who say Minnesota has already been delivered a devastating blow.

Experts say Minnesota’s brand, until now, has been a great one. It’s a state known for its outdoor lifestyle, culture and an attractive community to do business in and visit.

Minnesota’s latest tourism pitch sells a state that is so together that it can poke fun at itself. But with the parks closed and the rest of the state government shutdown, former ad executive and current Star Tribune columnist John Rash says Minnesota’s reputation has been hit hard.

“We look like a state driven with division and a state that cannot come to some kind of collaboration and that has broad reaching impact, not just for business but for tourist perception,” Rash said.

Over at Meet Minneapolis, which sells the community for conventions, the assessment is not quite as grim.

“Our day-to-day occupancy numbers still remain strong,” said Melvin Tennant with Meet Minneapolis.

It’s true that no conventions have canceled and hotels are solidly booked. Conventions generate an estimated $300 million for the community each year.

Meet Minneapolis admits if the shutdown continues into the fourth quarter of this year, when most conventions do get booked, it could be a serious problem.

“We have a lot riding on it. We had a great second quarter. Our sales people did a phenomenal job. I do not want to do anything to impact their ability to sell our great city,” Tennant said.

Rash’s analogy is that the impact of the shutdown is more like a drought than a tornado, with a slow withering of vitality compared to one overnight blow. He and other experts said it’s a matter of time — the longer the shutdown, the worse it is for the Minnesota brand.

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  1. shrugged says:

    This “shutdown” is a bogus, irrelevant, unruly, partisan, embarrassing game of childish chicken. And Judge, quit legislating from the bench!

  2. Caroline says:

    Then Governor Dayton should not have shut it down. The Legislature had their budget to him ten days before it was due. He waited until after the due date to veto it. He also promised in one of his debates that he would never shut down the government. Now he’s running all over the state complaining about the shutdown, when he should be back in St. Paul negotiating it. Not only that, but he shuts down even the state moneymakers, such as the lottery and Canterbury Park. He could have left those open as essential, but no, he didn’t. He did leave his housekeeper and chef as essential and on the payroll. Maybe his meds need to be changed.

    1. What??? says:

      If you are going to rant you should know what you are talking about. The staff Dayton has on is being paid from his own pocket and this has been in the papers for a few days now, there was even a story about that at the beginning of this week on this site. The budget that you think he should have signed has Fed stimulus money that we are not going to receive that is put into it, that would be why Dayton said we need more revenue with this budget as we cannot rely on something that will not be given to us this year. The GOP was also “running all over the state” as you put it when he did not sign the last budget as he said it has the same money in it he told them he would not sign in the 1st place. If you bring something to your boss at work and the boss tells you to make a new one because this will not work, do you think that if you bring him the same thing tomorrow your boss will say good job and give you a pat on the back? Same thing here.
      I love how many people are talking like they have read the budget proposal and that they know all the info that was given to any of these people. Ignorance is rampant today in MN and this site proves it. As to the “complaining about the shutdown” comment I would ask, were you in St. Cloud at Apollo high school when he made his stop there? I was and he was not complaining, he was letting people know why he would not sign a budget, there was no complaining that came from him at that speech. 1s again you prove you do not know what you are talking about and it is as clear as the nose on your face. I look forward to the hateful comebacks to this post and all the other ignorant replies that I am sure to get.
      Before that you should probably know that I do not support Dayton nor hate him. Just hate to see stupidity running all over the place with ignorant people behind it running their mouths. It is OK to vent, but spreading lies and half truths are more dangerous than anything at this point as idiots will believe anything. My point is proven on any of these stories after reading the blogs.

      1. @ what says:

        Republicans have ridiculed Dayton over the fact that the housekeeper and personal chef at the governor’s mansion were deemed “critical” employees, prompting the governor’s office to announce that Dayton would pay the chef out of his own pocket.

        As for the housekeeper, Dayton spokeswoman Katharine Tinucci said the governor’s residence is a public building that’s nearly 100 years old.

        Taken from good ‘ol WCCO–Dayton was pressured to pay the chef!

        1. What??? says:

          So you got me on the housekeeper. Anything else you would like to add because regardless of if he was pressured into paying the chef he is doing it is he not? I was not saying why he was I was responding to the comment that we were still paying for this left by Caroline.

          1. @ what says:

            Jese What??? Chill. Just wanted you to understand why some people still get this wrong. I’m not your villain. In fact, besides your aggressive attitude, I agree with you in total.

          2. frozenrunner says:

            Don’t forget the complete lack of knowledge shown when the people blast Dayton for not signing the lights on bill.

  3. Redneck Purist says:

    If we’re not real careful people might start to think we’re responsible with our money. We don’t want that now do we?

  4. Phil says:

    I say we change the locks and not let them come back ! This is not only revenue loss for the state, but hurting all small business and well deserving services to keep this state afloat. Also they suck to collect there check and take away other peoples checks, when it is there job to get it done !

  5. Donald Forncrook says:

    Yes it is its the hight of stupidity for the state of Minnesota to have let this gone so far start docking all of those their pay for everyday they don’t pass a state budget it can be done all it takes is somebody with enough guts to do it.
    Those who were elected to office have a duty to the public to do their job and forget about politics for a change they are acting the back side of a south bond mule recall them send them home or have a part time legislature.
    This is the dumbist thing I have ever seen happen all because we are GOP or we are Dem well hear this you were elected to serve not dictate, you can be replaced don’t forget the people voted you into office and they can vote you out so pack your bags and don’t miss the last trolly out of Saint Paul your a bunch of nincoompoops.

  6. Mark L. says:

    In Minnesota, only the Govenor can call the legislators back into session. So Dayton’s comment “I can’t negotiate with myself” is baloney. The shutdown is now all on him.

    1. What??? says:

      Ignorant comment as they could still give a budget proposal without a session being called. If they are not working right now do they not have some off time to get together and work on this? I do not know about you but if I am not at work my time is spent on anything I need to get done and this includes things I do not want to do like chores. Well this would be the same. So I say the shutdown is all on Mark L’s shoulders, carries just as much weight as your comment does.

      1. Mark L. says:

        The Govenor has to call the meeting. It is thast simple.

  7. Donald Forncrook says:

    Oh and one more thing I don’t want to hear any of you who were elected into office whining when you lose your job you have broken a public trust shutting down the state and I hope they will noi pay you one dime for every day you sit on your ass so get back to work or get out of town!!!

  8. Jake says:

    This is going to backfire on dayton big time. People are already crossing state borders to buy lottery tickets, and they are probably buying their liquor and cigs as well. His ‘moral crusade’ will replace ‘hope and change’ with anger and desperation. We are becoming the laughing stock of the midwest, courtesy of dayton.

    1. Ignorance must be bliss! says:

      Is that the same moral crusade that the GOP have been doing with the abortion rights and gay marriage? When you talk about a “moral crusade” GOP jumps out a lot more than any other party (OK maybe the baggers). Just like the other story today about the GOP moral crusade that they tried to give TPaw to sign, Bachmann already has signed it. GOP = party of double standards. When we want to change social issues it is OK, when other parties try it we scream socialist or communist at all of them. Hypocrisy at its finest and rarest form. When you roll over in your sleep does it suffocate 1 of your face’s?

  9. Sandra Carlson says:

    If there is only so much in your checkbook…then you cut back and make tough decisions and you don’t get to do everything you may have enjoyed in the past. Yes, all the programs and support for all the “needy” Minnesotans and the non-residents has been nice, but, there’s no money for it today. How can that be so difficult to understand??? Don’t raise taxes for the people who are working to support the one’s who are waiting for their “dream jobs” to return. I know people, including myself, who are now working for commission only, service industry, and other lower paying careers because when the going gets tough like it is…pull yourself up by your bootstraps and swallow your pride and realize that the only way this is going to be fixed is if the private sector, you, Minnesotans, makes it happen. It’s not about relying on any government subsidies. And, if there is no money to pay for something, guess what, you’ll have to wait. Shame on you Gov. Dayton!!!

    1. Ignorance must be bliss! says:

      “Don’t raise taxes for the people who are working to support the ones who are waiting for their “dream jobs””
      So the top 2% are “working”? I don’t know where you work but my boss is not in every day and he seems to have a lot of “meetings” that involve golf clubs right now. I would say that the rest of us that are in the office pulling our 40 a week work a lot harder than he does. We are not the people that Dayton wants to raise taxes on, it is the top 2%. Shame on you Sandra Carlson for not knowing what you are talking about.

  10. Ruth says:

    Are the comments posted actually seen by the governor and state politicians? If not, they should be, because if they don’t already know it, their days are numbered in St. Paul. And, MN isn’t just the laughingstock of the midwest, it is the laughingstock of the nation. Shameful! By the way, a shutdown should be a 100% shutdown – no highway patrol, no services, no “essential” employees, nothing! I’ll bet that would resolve the budget in a hurry!

  11. Deep Thinker says:

    With plenty of relatives & friends form other states I know that this shutdown won’t change anyone’s view of Minnesota. We were already thought of as nut jobs when it came to politics. So really it’s business as usual. Thankyou Republicans, Thankyou Democrats, you continue to make us look like morons…

    1. What??? says:

      Love the post. People act like this is not the state that elected “The Body” and other people that should have stayed in show biz and not entered politics.

    2. Brian says:

      Nut jobs?? But Bachmann is trying so hard to make us look good on the national stage 😉

  12. JOHN says:

    thats already in place just by the tax structre here and the anti sucess factor plus hatre for wealthy people but both sides have now on their shoulders the honor of making the Twin Cities the nest detroit and no one will care as the Democratic judge does’nt budge from the play book.

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