Lawson Lays Off Employees, Won’t Say How Many

ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) — Business software maker Lawson Software Inc. of St. Paul is laying off employees but won’t say how many or where they are located.

A Lawson spokesman confirmed in an email to Minnesota Public Radio News that layoff notices did go out. The spokesman calls it an “expected outcome” of the company being acquired earlier this year.

An affiliate of private equity firm Golden Gate Capital and business software company Infor said last week they have completed their $2 billion buyout of Lawson

Company spokesman Joe Thornton tells MPR that Lawson is not identifying the size of the reduction. But Thornton says affected employees are receiving severance and outplacement services.

Lawson employees 3,800 workers worldwide, including 800 in St. Paul. The company would only say the reduction will eliminate redundancies.

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    Cause and effect proudly brought to you by dirty republican filth.

    • mark g

      big time

  • Jake

    Gee, thanks dayton, thanks obama, for setting up such a great private sector business environment.

    • John

      That’s eerie, my sentiments exactly!

    • Mike

      Still better off than the 800,000 a month job loss Republican Bush handed him when passing the keys to the white house.

  • northstar64

    Before everyone goes partisan –

    Lawson was purchased by a company out of Georgia. First thing in a marger, get rid of redundant jobs (payroll, HR, purchasing).

    • pl

      Yup, first thing in a merger is always a marger.

    • ted

      Although far far from the truth, the GOP will chalk this up as an employer leaving the state because of high taxes. Keep up the good work GOP.

    • SO SAD

      I worked for Lawson about eight years ago or so. They did they same thing when they bought out a company out east. The company has been going down hill the last couple of years. They’re taking the money and running fast before there isn’t a company.

      • GOPSUX

        The company is run by people who are dirty republican filth. They are just following the party line.

  • Milton Pereira

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