MINNEAPOLIS (AP) — In just a few lines on a spreadsheet, the latest census figures show how Minnesota could become more diverse in the coming decades.

Data released Wednesday shows the median age for white people in the state is 40 while the median age for Asians is 27, blacks is 26 and Hispanics is 23.5.

It means that as the state’s white population ages, a larger share of the minority populations will still be in their prime childbearing years.

Susan Brower is a demographer for the nonprofit Wilder Researcher group. She says the numbers are being driven by the immigration into the state of young adults who tend to have large families.

She says that includes Hispanics in many rural areas and immigrants from East African into Minneapolis and St. Paul.

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Comments (21)
  1. Tay-Tay says:

    Diversity = more violent crime,failing schools,neighborhood decline & the overall dumbing down of society.

    1. ted says:

      Somebody once said, “When we believe ourselves in possession of the only truth, we are likely to be indifferent to common everyday truths.” Thanks Tay-Tay for the verification.

      1. bill says:

        You sound very smart ted. You evidently do not travel much, to other states or other countrys.

        1. ted says:

          I actually have been all over this country working short term projects lasting months living in apartments in the community. I have seen communities that are diverse and are not and I have to tell you that those that are not are closed minded and fairly ignorant. I recall an elderly neighbor of mine who put up a for sale sign on his lawn because a non-white family purchased the house next to us. When we spoke he was rude and ugly. I told him I support non-white families purchasing houses next to people like himself so that they will leave. My new neighbors were very nice to me; they served the community and were very community oriented. My ex- complaining-neighbor did nothing in the community. I love a diverse community and would not live in one that is not.

          1. Billy says:

            Minnesota Diversity = Hmong gangs vs Somali Gangs good luck living in the hood Ted!

            1. Jim says:

              Yeah, sure is scary out there. LOL. Violent crime is at an all-time low in recent years, but don’t let the facts get in the way of a good race-baiting ramp.

              1. Seth Bullock says:

                Ummm false….

                1. Jim says:

                  Sorry to ruin your stupid fear-mongering narrative with facts, Seth:

                  “New statistics out Wednesday show most crimes in Minneapolis are down.

                  Comparing January 2011 to January 2010, violent crimes are down just more than 15 percent and property crimes are down 4 percent.

                  One staggering drop — the number of killings was down by 70 percent.”

  2. sad says:

    Who is going to pay for all the services that these people feel entitled to? They pay no taxes, it is even more “diverse” in the rest of the country. The white culture is being totally descimted in this country and the ellites who keep these policies going know that in the next 10 years whites will be the minority, an entire culture gone, how does that equate with their beliefs that all cultures are sacred? My spouse and I have alread moved assets from this country and do not plan on living the rest of our lives here, the quallity of life has so decreased. Our concerns are for our children and grandchildren, who will not be able to carry the tax burden.

    1. Jim says:

      Why wouldn’t you bring your children and grandchildren with you when you flee the scary people in this country? If you think life is so hard here, you’re in for a rude awakening in the rest of the world.

  3. bill says:

    Third world here we come.

  4. bill says:

    Minnesota nice is no more than being a coward. Stand up before this state turns into another California.

  5. Sam I am says:

    Why do you think this happens. Because seniors who are predominantly white leave the state for states that do not tax their pension and retirement benefits. Who in their right mind would stay in a state that isn’t welcoming to seniors only minorities.

    The Minesota we once knew is gone forever. I

    1. Jim says:

      Seniors leave because of the weather. The ones I know spend their winters in Florida or Arizona and then come back here in the summer because this is the best state in the country.

  6. jon says:

    So when do the laws for equal opportunity swing to the whites favor again? I’d like to know my children have free shots to college when they are older regardless of their intellect.

  7. Bill Clinton says:

    ted, feel free to regale us with your stories from all of the first world sub-saharan black countries you have visited. There are none. Not a single one on this planet. The ever increasing percentage of black and latino residents means a lower standard of living for all. It has been repeated over and over again all over the world. It will repeat itself here. To see our future, you can visit Detroit, Newark, New Orleans, etc.

    1. ted says:

      I was lucky to work in Durban South Africa, a very ethnically diverse place. Yes they have some issues but so do we. I met some great people there. It is not that unusual for those living there to ask you over to eat with them. It was a great way to discover who I am in the world. I am sorry you feel you need to have only one ethnic society here in Minnesota. Yet the census is that we are becoming more and more diverse, that may not be to your liking, for me, it is great to see. I met my wife in Mexico City. If I was so narrow minded I would not be so happy today. Good luck with your shallow thinking Bill. The world your fear will overtake you.

  8. Kevin says:

    Minnesota has beceom a toilet bowl of diversity! So in the future tthey will simply kill each other off….good luck MN.

    1. ted says:

      William Frey, a demographer at the Brookings Institution, a Washington think tank, said states that attract large numbers of immigrants can consider it a “badge of economic success.” He said that “This is just an extraordinary explosion of diversity all across the United States.” West Virginia, meanwhile, was one of only two states in which the percentage of white people grew. “It is the exception, with its struggling economy and little history of attracting immigrants.” Toilet Bowl? Nothing is further from the truth.

  9. obi says:

    WCCO- the views reflected in comment sections reflect on your company, your staff and your on air talent. I guess you are okay with that.

    1. Seth Bullock says:

      Your guilt campaign is pointless. Find a hobby.

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