ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) — The state government shutdown means the Department of Natural Resources won’t be changing the walleye slot limit on Lake Mille Lacs this summer.

Typically, DNR biologists use creel surveys in May and June to determine whether the walleye length limit can be liberalized in mid-July.

But because of the shutdown, DNR staff weren’t able to estimate total winter and open-water harvest through June 30, as required for the regulation to change.

Officials also say there was no way to post changes on the DNR website five days before a change takes effect, as the rule requires.

The current rule requiring anglers to immediately release walleye from 18 inches through 28 inches remains in effect on Mille Lacs. The possession limit is four, with one walleye larger than 28 inches allowed.

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  1. I dont like nets says:

    HUH!? What is really going on here? It sounds pretty shady. But then again maybe they (the DNR) are on the white mans side this time and trying make a point by doing this.

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