Ellison Tears Knee Tendon During Workout

WASHINGTON, D.C. (WCCO) – Minnesota Congressman Keith Ellison was admitted to a Washington D.C. hospital Wednesday morning after falling and tearing a knee ligament during a gym workout, according to spokesperson Jennifer Gore.

Ellison was doing morning exercising in the House gym when he tore the patellar tendon, which is attached to his kneecap.

Gore said Ellison had surgery on the knee at George Washington Hospital on Wednesday and was still in the hospital on Thursday. He will spend the night, and officials aren’t sure yet when he will be released.

Ellison said has received several well wishes from fellow Congress members, family and friends.

  • It's really tough

    left, right, left. I know it’s hard to remember such complicated things for you libs.

    • Jim

      Cons are too smart to tear tendons. LOL.

  • swen

    Wow same day surgery, any bets if that will ever happen under Obamacare?……….

  • Mr. Me

    how is this a news story?

  • Laurie Grady

    And this is news why?

    • Jim

      And you clicked on this story and commented on it why?

      • Loretta

        I was wondering the same of you!!

        • Jim

          Loretta, I’m not the person who posted a comment that this story was not newsworthy. That would be Laurie, who then proceeded to prove how much she didn’t care by posting a comment. Get it?

  • Jim

    Stay classy, bob.

  • Jim

    Because he’s Muslim? Is that supposed to be an insult? Do you ask for your doctor’s religious credentials when you go to the hospital?

    • Murdock

      nobody wants to hear your stupid comments. Get a life!!

      • Jim

        Nah, I think I’ll keep posting. Thanks for the advice though.

  • Joe

    i smell a lawsuit – that is what liberals do best

    • Jim

      If Ellison was a Con he would show up at the emergency room without insurance and then stick taxpayers with the bill.

      See, it’s easy to play this stupid partisan game. It accomplishes nothing, but it’s easy.

      • just sayin

        Wow. Seems as though Jim must be one of those less educated ones…

        What are ya smokin over there bub?

  • factdealer

    This guy matters as much as the last 3 dumps i took!

    • Jim

      Since you’d die without bowel movements, you must really love Ellison. He matters to you as much as your own personal health. Wow. Good to see he’s getting some support here.

  • Ronald Raygun

    molly, factdealer, Joe and bob marcotte are very typical of dirty republican filth.

    • Sarah in Outstate MN

      Ronald, I’ve read all of your comments on many other posts. You are just as bad. You’re a hypocrite.

      • Jim

        I’m gonna have to agree with Sarah on this one Ronald. Leave the insults and name calling to the Cons.

        • Sarah in Outstate MN

          @Jim, people affiliated with BOTH parties name call. It’s childish and accomplishes nothing so stop acting as if name calling is only in one party. Grow up.

    • @Ronald

      I actually have no political affiliation, but I see you support terrorists Ronald Gaygun, only a true idiot thinks that the candidate they vote for will be that same guy once they are elected, the saying don’t throw stones at glass houses, doesn’t fit you because you probably live in a single wide trailer, do your family a favor and find a speeding bus and fall in front of it.

  • The Bishop

    Did he cry?

  • http://minnesota.cbslocal.com/2011/07/14/ellison-tears-knee-tendon-during-workout-2/ Ellison Tears Knee Tendon During Workout « CBS Minnesota

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  • @Jim

    Jim ive met tree stumps sharper than you, are you kept alive on a machine at home or in a hospital?

  • Alfred

    Working out? Look how fat he is! He doesn’t work out.

  • Kevin

    Did he ask Allah to ease his pain????

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