Home Ownership Rate For Black Minnesotans Drops

ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) — New census figures show the home ownership rate for black Minnesotans has dropped.

According to 2010 U.S. census data released this week, the rate fell to 25 percent last year compared to 32 percent a decade earlier.

The St. Paul Pioneer Press reports experts point to a wave of predatory lending, followed by a worsening economy resulting in job losses.

Census figures indicate the overall statewide home ownership rate is 73 percent.

Ed Nelson, a spokesman for the Minnesota Homeownership Center, says foreclosures are mostly caused from unemployment or underemployment and the black community has a disproportionate population of people in those categories.

Minnesota’s black homeownership rate trails that of other states for which 2010 data is available, including Alabama, Delaware, California, Kansas, Connecticut, Colorado and North Carolina.

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  • Jason

    Going to go way out there on this one. {Home ownership down for everyone} We are still in recession folks.

    • ted

      And the worst hit by recession are minorities. Sad.

      • dan

        No Ted,

        The worst hit are the uneducated population in Minnesota. Lets compare the education levels of those that still have their homes vs those that lost their homes. This is a much better guage of whats going on, not a race issue.

        • Brad


        • Jim

          Sure dan, I’d love to see the figures comparing education levels to foreclosure rates. Can you link me to that data? Or are you just making stuff up?

          • Jean


            Ive been in the mortgage business over 20 years and I can attest to what dan is claiming. I have seen many homes go into foreclosure over the past 20 years and know the education level of the borrowers.

            • ted

              Hog wash

              • Jean

                Please Ted,

                Enlighten us on your knowledge of the mortgage business and the trend of foreclosures……………..

  • Tom Willard

    Maybe there should be a program to help just Black people buy a home?? Never mind that people in their mid 20s are struggling, no matter what COLOR their skin is. Notice how the media always keeps the Race issue in our face, no matter how we try to overcome it? Typical ‘CCO filler story…pure garbage.


    It’s because of opression people!!!!

    We need to give them more free handouts… more welfare!

  • Les

    Why is it always a black or white thing? Everybody is hurting. Even the people that work are hurting.

    • not me

      I’m not hurting. I’m livin the dream baby!

      • GOPSUX

        You must be part of the dirty republican filth.

        • Sandy

          your comments are getting really old. Grow up

        • Sarah in Outstate MN

          Oh, the irony.

  • dan

    Why not use education levels to compare the drop in homeownership rates instead of race?

    • Les


      • The Architect

        I have a 2 year degree and a 115k yearly salary. I don’t think education level would put me in the correct demographic.

        • dan

          You are not an Architect with a 2 year degree, but at least you have a 2 year degree vs a GED or nothing. Congrats on having a great job!

          • The Architect

            Yes. I am. I’m not asking you. I’m telling you.

            • The Truth

              It takes a 4 year degree and then you work under a licensed Arichitect for 2 years before becoming an Licensed Architect. There are lots of Draftmen out there that claim to be an Architect. I know my wife has been one for 20 years.

  • JCFL

    This is a disappointing story WCCO, please take out the term black Minnesotans the next time you stubble across a statistic. Your reaching on this one!

  • Milner

    One tornado in north Minneapolis and home ownership in the state for Black Minnesotans drops 7% ouch. WCCO how are hasidic jews doing in home ownership? I also heard home ownership by the unemployed is also down.

  • Ellen

    They call it predatory lending, and a lot of it probably was for both black and white. The gist of it is that not EVERYONE is a good candidate to own a home and have the responsibility of maintenance etc. Many are better off renting, but the American dream of owning a home has brainwashed many people. It’s time to wake up!
    And like others who have commented here, I am sick and tired of everything
    being blamed on race.

  • Alfred

    Thanks Chris Dodd and Barney Frank.

    By requiring lenders to make loans to bad risks you scrood everyone.

  • Common Man

    By government mandate lenders had to lend money to more blacks to buy a house. Many people who could not make payments got a house, lost it and now have a forclosure on their record and can not buy a house for a long time. Please thank the current and past white house government for this mess that they created… bush warned about it but never followed up… so this not a DEM vs GOP post. Another government created problem…

  • Richard in Minneapolis

    Who says this is a bad indicator? Maybe they were all smart enough to bail out of real estate before the bubble burst. I rent now, but owned a house ten years ago and I consider myself damned lucky I sold when I did!

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