STILLWATER, Minn. (AP) — A man is accused of going to his former girlfriend’s home in Stillwater, killing her pet snake and writing “I loved you” with its blood.

Twenty-one-year-old Jonathan Utecht was charged Thursday with felony counts of burglary and terroristic threats.

According to the complaint, Utecht’s ex-girlfriend approached two officers and asked for their help early Wednesday. She said she believed her ex-boyfriend had broken into her apartment.

The St. Paul Pioneer Press reports when police arrived at the ex-girlfriend’s home, Utecht was standing outside with blood on his hands.

Police found the woman’s snake on the kitchen floor, with a knife sticking in it and the words “I loved you” on the floor next to the snake.

Utecht is in the Washington County Jail. He’s scheduled in court July 28.

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Comments (13)
  1. Maybe says:

    Wow that is a way to a womans heart. What was this idiot thinking?

  2. Admin. of Chafin' Totz says:

    that snake got chaaaffeeedd

  3. Mike Jacobson says:

    Dude…why the snake? You look a little off to the courts when you write with blood. Get some help with the booze or whatever you’re do’n.

  4. kidding me boy? says:

    dealy is his personal snake has no bite so ….. get me drift?

  5. Richard in Minneapolis says:

    I’m sorry, but “I loved you!” is NOT a terroristic threat. Put me on the jury – he’ll be acquitted before lunch.

    1. Really? says:

      Richard in Mpls, you wouldn’t be eligible to be up on the jury for this guy’s case:
      1.) You show a bias opinion.
      2.) You don’t understand what a terroristic threat is. If you thought that “I LOVED YOU” was the cause of the “terroristic threat” charge, and not the killing of her snake to terrify her, there’s no way you should acquit this man.

    2. Lara says:

      That wasn’t what was being referred to as the terroristic threat, did you ever stop to think that the threat wasn’t appropriate to spell out in words? Read other articles and educate yourself because it was said that he wrote other things that are considered terroristic throughout the apartment

  6. Roxanne Green says:

    Hello why was there a snake in apartment in the first. place most apartment building dont allow snakes, who cares its just a snake. I dont when i love you becomes a terroristic threat thats a first. wow

    1. DTP says:

      Roxanne Green- Are you a drunk toddler? Your incoherent posts are all over these crime articles. Your parents need to password protect their laptops, or you need to lay off the sauce.

  7. Ouch says:

    She should have cut off his snake

  8. jeff says:

    it’s funny that there is no animal cruelty charge in there. i guess because snakes aren’t cuddly like a dog or cat they don’t deserve the same from our laws. i’d bet money if this were a dog, everyone would be calling for his immediate torture, book throwing etc……..(it’s just a snake)

    this man is quite sick. and the girl has right to be worried.

    1. Fey says:

      There was, they dropped the charge.

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