Man Tried To Bring 13 Knives On MN-Bound Flight

LINTHICUM, Md. (AP) — Transportation Security Administration officers say they found 13 knives, including switchblades and a butterfly knife, inside a man’s carry-on luggage at a Washington-area airport.

TSA spokesman Kawika Riley says an officer operating an X-ray machine last week at Thurgood Marshall Baltimore-Washington International Airport noticed something suspicious in the man’s luggage.

Sgt. Kirk Perez, a Maryland Transportation Authority Police spokesman, says 25-year-old Amr Gamal Shedid of Baltimore had been trying to board a flight to Minnesota. He says Shedid told investigators he collects knives.

Shedid has been charged with carrying a concealed deadly weapon, interfering with security procedures and having an unauthorized weapon in an airport. Court records do not list an attorney for Shedid, and a phone listing for him could not be found.

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  • Hmmmm

    Who could’ve seen that name coming?

  • no kidding

    Deport them please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Jim

      Who’s “them?” I thought this was a single person?

      • Seriously

        Pretty sure “them” means the throngs of East African immigrants who come here and commit crimes. And to be clear, I’m all for a healthy and productive immigrant population. It seems to be an impossibility with this particular group though. And before you cry “racist”(as I’m sure you love to do), what percentage of the general population do they make up Jim? Because they make up 40% of the hennepin county most wanted list. I’m pretty sure that’s statistically significant. Stop with the white guilt and take the blinders off.

  • Jimmy Norton

    I think whatever Gov’t entity that’s been inspecting the TSA in recent years wanted to throw them a softball in light of their recent press. Let’s look at the facts… They couldn’t have made this one more obvious!

  • Sticker

    Maybe he is a traveling knife salesman … or mayby he is just stupid. My guess would be choice number 2

  • Undercover

    I’m amazed the TSA caught it.

    • drts

      The only reason they did is that he asked them: “Is it okay if I bring these 13 knives and this tube of shampoo on board with me?”

  • Julie

    Wow, they actually found something. TSA took time out to feel someone up and actually did their job and found weapons! Nice job!!

    What a coincidence!! NBC Nightly News did a story on the TSA, last night, on how Congress is criticizing their ” Naughty Behavior”

  • Alden

    They can catch this but not a man from Nigeria with no ID or boarding pass?

    TSA = what happens when uneducated people are given positions of authority.

  • Robert

    I like Alden’s comment :)

  • Good catch

    Amr Gamal Shedid + 13 knives

    I bet if they examined the flight manifest there would be 12 more with similar names and around the same age and all members of a certain death cult masquerading as a “religion of peace”

  • profiling

    … Let’s do it. it works

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  • trl the alligator

    i hope to hell that he is in jail awaiting charges and trial….his actions are clearly not honorable…..i hope he gets 10 years in prison……its what he deserves and then deportation.

  • Admin. of chafin' totz

    TSA = Thousands standing around

  • Dave's Not Here

    I hope they charge him with lying during an official police interrogation too. Knife collector, my eye. Put them in your checked bag then or ship them to your destination. He was planning on shouting allahu ackbar on the plane, no doubt.

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