MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Ramsey County Commissioner Tony Bennett said he’s confident a stadium deal could get done, now that the governor and GOP leaders came to an agreement on the state budget.

After the news broke that Gov. Mark Dayton was willing to take the republican budget offer, with conditions, to end a two-week-long government shutdown, officials who have been working on a possible Vikings stadium deal revisited the idea.

“I think the final details of a new stadium in Arden Hills could be worked out very quickly if all parties involved sat down together,” Bennett said. “I believe we could be ready for a special session, whenever it’s called.”

Stadium backers previously met in June to hash out a final plan, including how to cover up to $131 million in unallocated road costs tied to building the $1 billion stadium in Arden Hills.

“The Vikings have been patient and respectful with the budget and state shutdown,” said Lester Bagley, Vikings vice president for stadium development and public affairs. “We’re ready to iron out final details and move the stadium issue forward. We can get this done.”

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  1. Sheryl Aukes says:

    Give me a break, we have a budget problem and yet they still want to build a new stadium. The state cannot afford to give money to this stadium when we are already in trouble. Yes it would give more jobs but that is only temporary. The metro-dome just got fixed, that should be good enough. If the state has extra money to put to the stadium then why were we in trouble? If we have the extra money it could go to the schools and to the health care. Just saying.

    1. Justin says:

      chill out Sheryl. Clearly money doesn’t always get spent where each person thinks it should be spent.

      and MN state leaders just proved that to us with a government shutdown.

  2. Mike says:

    Put a referendum vote to Ramsey county citizens and put a rest to this insanity of raising taxes for the privileged class who can afford to attend and support there own damn professional football teams.

  3. Steve says:

    The best statium deal is a move to LA. No public money what so ever to Zigi. He is worth Billions let him pay.

  4. Jason says:

    Is that what the $500,000,000 road project/ slush fund is for. That is in the proposed budget. Way to go Dayton. NOT!

    1. Way to go Dayton. YES! says:

      Jason, are you kidding me? $500M is not for the stadium’s road project. I don’t even think Dayton is for the stadium.

      1. JC says:

        Dayton has been for “The People’s Stadium” since he was still a candidate. I have no doubt that he will try to get this done.

  5. Johnny Rain Cloud says:

    All viking fans can thank the Republicans of MN for getting dayton to sign a NO RAISE in taxes budget. This means the county can now apporve the tax increase to pay for a beautiful new stadium!

  6. Say "no" to public money for Zygi. says:

    ‘cco’s editors won’t post my comment but here’s the gist: NO PUBLIC MONEY FOR ZYGI !!!

  7. Larry says:

    Just like everyone else, owners and teams need to think out side the box for what they want, no new taxes.

  8. KeepItReal says:

    I can’t scream NO loud enough. No public tax dollars for millionaire a-holes!!!

  9. Alfred says:

    Why hasn’t Ramsey County started a recall petition against the turd-brain Tony Bennett?

    What did it cost Zygi to buy this fool?

  10. Zigmund Will-fly says:

    Tony Bennett needs a drug test.

  11. UShouldHaveStudiedHarder says:

    Build it! Build it loud and proud! Raise the taxes for Ramsey county high enough to get rid of all the trailer-park hillbillies that live there! Send ’em all up to their relatives in Blaine so they can play horseshoes by the pink flamingos and huddle around the rabbit ears on Sunday to watch the Vikings.

  12. Mike says:

    I am ready to barf with this stadium plan stuff.

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