Prosecutors Outline Recruitment Of US Somalis

MINNEAPOLIS (AP) — A federal court filing in Minneapolis sheds new light on the way prosecutors believe Somali men living in Minnesota were recruited to fight with a terror group in their homeland.

At least 21 men are believed to have left the Minneapolis area since 2007 to join the militant Islamic group al-Shabab in Somalia. It’s classified as a terror group by the U.S. government.

Prosecutors said in a Friday court filing that recruiters held secret meetings, tested recruits on their knowledge of religion and events in Somalia, and rejected recruits who were too young out of fear their operation would be discovered.

The document comes as one defendant is scheduled to go to trial Tuesday on charges he played a role in the recruiting operation.

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  • Steve

    Can we please ship them back? All!

  • Del

    Their “knowledge of religion”? Do you hate America? “Yes!”. Do you want to murder Americans? “Yes!, praise be to Allah!”. Ship ’em all home.

    • TwinsRAwesome

      PROFILING…Please!!!! Quit supporting those that hate America! Go home and die.

  • Mel

    I wonder how many of these people involved are on public assistance?

  • Jake

    I believe that, after over 15 STINKING YEARS of trying to feed, support, transport, educate, medicate, and otherwise nurture these ‘beings’, that it is time to seriously reconsider our efforts to bring this tribe into the modern world. Their obvious lack of appreciation, gratitude, and respect PROVES that they are not capable of handling the complicated principles of democracy, or even basic human rights. Our best efforts apparently aren’t good enough. Maybe China or Russia can do better with this ethnic group.

  • Mark from Minnetonka

    Dont trust them, never will!!

  • Mel

    Most view generosity as a weekness. Just ask the next Somali man that you meet. He’ll tell you.

  • Mel

    Oh, but if you are a woman, they won’t answer cause to them you’re not equal and it is below them to speak to a woman. Why do you think you never see a Somali man working at a large corporation like Target? They usually work as a taxi driver or some other form of work that ensures they won’t have to work for a woman, or have a woman in a position of authority over them.

    • Reverse discrimination

      Mel, there are currently 52 of them at Target HQ in management positions They view women as weak and enjoy exploiting them at work. What’s up with your comment? Back to your table section; customers waiting….

      • Mel

        I’m might be a little confused, but doesn’t your comment back-up what I’m saying?

        • Predjudice losers

          Mel, I think you said zero work at Target. RD said 52 work there. Does that help?

          I would personally love to see you say what you say to one fo their faces. I doubt you have a backbone. Just curious, are you a fattie?

          • mel

            Not at all, I’m just big boned.

      • Bill Clintons Cigar

        Oh bs! There are not 52 Somalians at Target in management positions! There are not 52 Somalians in MN smart enough to tie their shoes…..your full of bs

  • whadupwichoo

    Just like your sista Stephanie who stole the mink coat and hid it in her pants for three days in jail my gansta brother.

  • Kevin

    I want MORE somalians brought here to leach off the welfare know to get free food, housing, medical, and education! I love reading about them in the news…….I would be bored if we send them all back to Africa……keep them coming….I need a good laugh….I am off to hang out with the Somali supporters at the Federal Court Building! I say Terrorism is not a crime! FREE ALL SOMALIS!!! ALLAH RULES!!!! I love how they treat their women like animals! I hope that spreads! I want to “own” a couple women too……

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