Severe Thunderstorms Precede Hot, Sticky Weather

MINNEAPOLIS (AP) — Severe thunderstorms with heavy rain and frequent lightning caused delays for air travelers Friday in the Twin Cities.

A Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport spokeswoman says the lightning temporarily caused air traffic controllers to ground flights Friday morning.

Metro Transit temporarily suspended light-rail service at the Mall of America after water collected near the station. Rail service to the next station in Bloomington was disrupted for about two hours.

The St. Cloud Times reports Stearns County is helping volunteers sandbag homes around Beaver Lake in St. Augusta and has blocked some roads due to flooding.

Forecasters say the thunderstorms precede a hot, humid stretch in Minnesota. Heat indices could rise to 105 and beyond by Sunday. Meteorologists don’t expect the heat wave will break for about seven days.

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  • la de da

    I will be on da boat , in da water with da ladies! WORD!

  • jan

    I’m thrilled that I’m not one of those ladies

  • Sarah In Outstate MN

    I agree with Jan, glad I am not one of your ladies.

    We have the country fair this week and 4-H judging on Monday. Should be nice and hot. Yikes!

  • Ronald Raygun

    This was all the fault of the republicans. They ruin everything!

  • la de da

    Dont be mad since you dont have a boat. Oh and im just kidding around you stuck up hag’s

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