By Susie Jones

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — The recent heavy rainfall has taken a toll on the Twin Cities metro area.

Minnesota transportation officials said Interstate 35W between Interstate 694 and Highway 96 closed in both directions for much of Saturday because of flooding.

By Saturday night, however, the entire road had been reopened.

Minnesota Department of Transportation spokesman Kevin Gutknecht said cars stalled out in the high waters Saturday morning.

He told WCCO they think a water main, with the heavy rain, may have caused the problem.

Several cars were attempting to drive through the flooded highway. A photo from WCCO-Radio’s Susie Jones shows a taxi cab with its wheels fully submerged in water attempting to exit the highway. A viewer submitted video to WCCO-TV, a motorist is heard saying “It looks like the Mississippi going down 35W.”

Gutknecht said 35W north of 694 to County Road 10 will be closed until flooding recedes. Officials said they aren’t sure of the exact source of the flooding other than heavy rainfall in the metro on Friday and overnight into Saturday morning. There was a water main break in the area, but officials said they aren’t sure if that is contributing to the problem. Crews are checking drainage systems in the area.

At its peak Saturday morning, water was about two feet high on the interstate. Gutknecht said he wasn’t aware of any injuries because of flooding, but several cars stalled on the road and advised that motorists should not attempt to drive through standing water.

An apartment complex in New Brighton is also facing some major flooding due to the recent heavy rain. And roads in southern Minnesota and other communities are under water, making driving difficult.

Officials with the National Weather Service reported that North St. Paul received more than four inches of rain overnight, causing flooding issues there.

Here is a photo gallery from local flooding

Comments (9)
  1. Kay says:

    I drove through this close to 8:00 am this morning. I was very scary as there was not much of a choice but to drive through. Luckily I watched several cars go through successfully. I couldn’t believe there was no emergency personel to warn you or to close down the road earlier. I watched at least one car stall as it was exciting 694 to go north on 35W. At least I was lucky and did not end up like the taxi. That guy looked very stressed as I drove buy.

    Needless to say….I am going another way home!

  2. Lack of brains says:

    Only stupid people drive through flooded roads.

    1. Charlie says:

      Unless you know the road well, it’s hard to distinguish between a flooded road and a shallow puddle (especially at night). I’ve found myself driving through a flooded road that I would have never attempted if I knew how deep it was.

  3. Bundles Of Love Charity flooded out says:

    Bundles Of Love Charity suffered SIGNIFICANT flooding this morning in the New Brighton workspace/warehouse. Many items that were destined to go to needy babies will need to be thrown away but hopefully many others can be saved by washing them again. Walls and floors will need repairs. Even items in plastic bins on shelves off of the floor floated away and emptied as over 2 feet of watered entered through the doors.

    Please visit if you can help. That babies thank you!

  4. Matt says:

    Comments here just proves that Minnesota needs to spend more money on education….

    1. Wu says:

      You mean like yours? The word you should have used was “prove” not “proves”…

    2. Jon Lindquist says:

      and how do you expect to get through or off the freeway if there is no one there to help make it possible, matt?

  5. Jon Lindquist says:

    an update and correction

    it is 35W, not 35

    and it is now only the southbound side from the south highway 10 exit to 694

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