Police Investigate After Man Shot In Champlin

CHAMPLIN, Minn. (WCCO) — A 28-year-old man is being treated after being shot multiple times at a residence in Champlin.

Police responded to the scene around 3 a.m. Sunday on the 300 block of West Hayden Lake Road. Upon arrival, they found a man with multiple gun shot wounds at his home.

Police do not have any suspects in custody and do not believe the shooting was random.

The man was transported to Mercy Hospital where he is currently being treated.

The case remains under investigation.

  • Megan

    Good Lord, they brought him to Mercy, he’ll never make it.

    • Uruan Etim

      Thats my friend so I hope like hell that you are wrong!

  • Jake

    It won’t be long before people start calling Champlin “North Crooklyn Park”.

  • Murph

    More druggies in Anoka/ Champlain than ever were in Mpls/ St Paul! Bet it was drug related!

    • Concerned for you

      he was not into drugs dumb ass !!

  • Nip

    That is my neighborhood and it has always been quiet and safe. I walk at 3am without a doubt that I will be safe. That is not a good representation of my neighbors!

    • Jake

      Well, somebody was ‘representin’.

  • sad but true

    Wrong, she’s smoking hot. I hit it nightly. So, was your friend a moolie or doing illegal activities. Sorry about him getting all shot up.

  • Jake

    Well, if he is still alive, either the shooter was a bad shot, or he needs heavier artillery.

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