Delta Pulls Out Of Small Cities

*Written by Dave Patel*

Delta claims that flights to 24 small cities around the nation’s midsection are losing money, and they are making a push to reduce or stop service. Cities affected are primarily located in rural Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, North Dakota, and South Dakota.

[CBS News]

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  • Swamp Fox

    What Delta wants to do is to tear the heart out of Midwestern small cities air travel connections. These cities where the heart of the old North Central then Republic Airlines air system. Since Federal deregulation with the regional airlinks’ slow demise and their irregular services intra-Midwestern air service is slowly disappearing. How do you expect these smaller regional cities to flourish in the business world if modern transportation and communication links are being eroded?

    Delta is forgetting how it got started in the airlines business. It was servicing small Southern cities that eventually made Delta grow. Too bad Delta is worried about being greedy for greenbacks instead of maintaining loyalty among its passenger base.

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