If you are planning on robbing a smoke shop, make sure they don’t have a vicious dog on site.

  1. Renee Rutherford says:

    I was listening on Tuesday 7/19 during your airtime; thought it was going to be some storm coverage, but was taken aback when I heard you say the word “Pit Bull” my ears perked right up – and not in a good way.
    You see, I am a responsible and proud parent to two of these very loving, always misunderstood dogs. Unfortunately, we encounter many stereotypes, looks, stares, and shunning from people who just do not know the truth behind the dog. I know that you may not have intentionally done the breed injust, but it just feeds the fuel that keeps the hate going on in the general public. Most people just do not think positively of them, and they do not even know them, or have ever been around a real-life Pit Bull. Its simple, thoughtless acts like this, that keep my dogs – and millions of others like them, on BSL lists/dangerous dog lists. I have to fight to have my dogs in certain places – places that many people would bring their dogs without a second thought. Its really not fair, not fair to me…someone who does take precautions, someone who has taken their dogs to training, and someone who can “read” their own dogs behavior. Please, it would be wonderful if you could just re-tract your comment and apologize for making light of aggressiveness in a small, “less-threatening” dog breed, and carelessly comparing this Chihuahua to a Pit Bull. Any aggressive dog is one too many – no matter what breed it is; and ANY dog can be made that way. The fate of an animal, lies in the holder of the leash.

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