MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — After a year-long delay, the legendary Irish rock band U2 is finally heading to Minneapolis. On Saturday night, U2 is bringing its 360 Tour to TCF Bank Stadium.

It will be the very first music concert at the University of Minnesota’s arena.

As part of their “360 Tour,” the concert will be massive, with many cranes and hundreds of crew members setting up.

According to the promoter, there’s a steel structure rising 150 feet from the floor over a stage with rotating bridges. There’s also a cylindrical video system of interlocking LED panels. Once completed, it will look like a claw.

It is one of three traveling stages so the band can perform in several cities a week — each costs $25 million to build. This concert is just one of 110 on the tour.

“Best band in the world right now and their music, and this kind of production, you can’t miss it,” said U2 fan Nick Rosso.

Saturday will be the 27th time Rosso will see U2 live in concert. He’s almost as excited for the U of M as he is for himself.

“I don’t think they will ever have a better concert than this so it’s a good one to start it out with,” said Rosso.

As busy as the band is, so is construction around the University of Minnesota. The Washington Avenue Bridge is under repair and that will likely make getting into the stadium a little trickier. However, alternate routes to the concert may be Huron Boulevard off Interstate 94, and University Avenue off of Interstate 35W.

The U of M is expecting more than 58,000 screaming fans on Saturday, but, like Gopher football games, alcohol will not be available.

“Part of the mission of the stadium was to bring in other events, not just football games. So, this is one of those events and we would love to do a concert every summer if we could,” said Scott Ellison, the associate athletic director for facilities at the University.

The U of M does not allow overnight camping, but fans can show up as early as 6 o’clock on Saturday morning. They will also have free water inside.

Comments (5)
  1. mayhem says:

    this should surely suck

    1. Kyle Weaver says:

      like your life?

  2. Pete Descharg says:

    Boycott the U2 concert. Bono is a hypocrit and a political terrorist. He cancelled a concert at Arizona State in the 1980’s because the people of AZ voted not to have a Martin Luther King holiday. He didn’t care that voters were given a choice to have either a Presidents day or a MLK day but NOT both. He said he wouldn’t perform for a bunch of ignorant and racist people. All this while in his country, protestants and catholics were still killing each other on a daily basis. Clean up your own backyard before leveling your uneducated, simplistic judgements on us Bono!

  3. Bob Korfhage says:

    You must be kidding me, right?

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