NORWALK, Iowa (AP) — Republican Minnesota congresswoman Michele Bachmann says she will submit only balanced budgets if she’s elected president next year.

But Bachmann, speaking at a campaign event Wednesday in Norwalk, declined to promise that she would veto deficit budgets, leaving to Congress what makes it to her desk.

Bachmann is returning to Iowa a day after facing questions about the migraine headaches she suffers. Her campaign issued a statement Tuesday saying Bachmann takes prescription medication when the symptoms arise, but the headaches would not impede her ability to serve as president.

Asked by reporters Wednesday in Iowa about her headaches, Bachmann responded: “I keep a very rigorous schedule, and I feel great.”

Bachmann plans to stop in at a West Des Moines deli, meet with ministers and conduct an event on Twitter.

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Comments (61)
  1. The Architect says:

    Seeing her face is bad enough, but hearing her speak is downright unbearable. Who falls for this kind of fraud?

    1. Freddie Freeman says:

      evidently you fell for the fraud that is Mark Dayton…worst senator of all time and now working on that same title as governor

      1. Anti-Teabagger says:

        Your prob the same teabagger that voted for Pawlenty who put this state in the 5 Billion hole we have today. Way to go! Go count your beans bean counter!

        1. Chris says:

          Boy do you have that twisted around!
          Pawlenty did not cause the deficit…
          The Legist forced the band-aid approach to cover the gap…
          Exactly what Dayton has done now to move ahead (ie kick can down raod)!!!!
          Thanks again for the misinformation, as it is still wrong.

          1. frozenrunner says:

            Boy did you guzzle the tea. Rather than veto the budget after he vetoed the tax increase Pawlenty tried to do what was not in his power to do. He tried to unalot when there was a shortfall. He should have vetoed because the Democrats did not have the power to over ride his veto. The gas tax was raised only after some GOP crossed over and voted with the Democrats. Try some Aricept, it will help your memory.

        2. Anti Spending Democrats says:

          I am a Conservative Independent voter who thinks Pawlenty should apply for a greeter at Walmart. That is if he is qualified. However no matter how much you hate Bachmann she is better than what is in office now. Hopefully Rick Perry enters the race. Because she can’t win.

          1. Jim says:

            Chris, partisans like you and Anti-Teabagger are the problem. If you really believe that your side is 100% right and the other side is 100% wrong, when in fact they are nearly identical, then our system doesn’t have much chance of success. No one has all the answers and blindly following your party down the rabbit hole is what got us into this mess.

            1. frozenrunner says:

              You are 99% correct. If diverse views actually discussed the problems of the day there should be better outcomes.

          2. Citizen says:

            Hey, Anti, did you know Rick Perry was a Democrat for 25 years before he became a Rethuglican in order to get elected in Texas? Just another GOP flip-flopper opportunist, and as loony as Bachmann.

    2. The Truth says:

      Apparently you fell for fraud because you obviously voted for Obama who has done nothing besides break promises, campaign, and blame others.

    3. The Truth says:

      Give me 2 substantiated reasons why she is a fraud, and it can’t just be that you don’t like her because of what you hear the liberal media repeating over and over. Exactly, name calling isn’t a reason. Grow up.

      1. The Architect says:

        Apparently you haven’t heard her speak.

        Have you ever met her?

        Have you ever lived in Stillwater?

        And I did not vote for Mark Dayton. As a matter of fact, I never even mentioned Mark Dayton in my initial comment, so where did that come from?

      2. kieron says:

        Accepting farm subsidies while railing against welfare.. No significant legislation in her history as a politician. Supposedly has some doctorate from some school or other until she was called on this and had to stop saying she had this degree. Would you like me to go on?

        1. Dave Campbell says:

          Now wait just a darn minute! if it weren’t for Michelle Bachmann, we would not have the right to choose what kind of light bulb we use! I for one sleep much better at night knowing that the lights I turned off were equipped with bulbs of my own choice!

          1. Dave Campbell says:

            Sorry folks! That’s all the sarcasm I can muster in this heat!

        2. Chuck says:

          You are out in left field on that one!
          Of course she accepts subsidies because that is how the program is setup!
          If she declined, she would be at a disadvantage because every farmer uses them… She is committed to changing that program and will do away with it for everyone = even playing field!
          How can it be so hard to understand???
          It is not hypocritical, no matter how many times you say it…
          Now Dayton is a hypocrite… billionaire patting himself on the back for this ego trip… did you hear him this morning? Definitely avoiding any real responsibility!
          Now that makes me sick!

          1. Darby says:

            @ Chuck
            Where is her bill to end the farm welfare?

            1. kieron says:

              @Chuck: Did you notice Timmeh Pawlenty denied all responsibility for the budget mess? Talk about sickening.

      3. SO SAD says:

        I’ll give you one…..I was a small business owner on Main Street in Stillwater in the early 2000’s. She was going to raise the sale tax by a half percent for ONLY the small businesses on Main Street to help support the library. This did not include the large corporations in Stillwater such as Target, Menards, Anderson-Windows, etc. She is NOT for small business. She kept it so well hidden that we did not find out about it until the night before she was to vote on it. We stopped her from doing this.

        1. Pretty pretty princess says:

          Wow, good job. How did you manage to stop that one from going through? I’ve heard a whole bunch of reasons why this woman should never be allowed to even run a marathon much less an office, but this is the first I’ve heard of this one.

          1. SO SAD says:

            One of her “people” happened to mentioned something to someone who owned a small business on Main Street. It spread pretty quickly, and we called a meeting that night. She was pretty red-faced about the whole thing.

      4. shrugged says:

        Reason #1, she openly states that she talks to god (I did not capitilize for a reason) and god speaks back to her
        Reason #2 Her quotes are batsh-t crazy man! I’ve posted a ton. Guess I better get back on that. She is an IDIOT–plain and simple. An IDIOT!

      5. dkauls says:

        To: The Truth:

        Only two reasons? OK.

        1. She rails against government spending and yet she has spent most of her adult life at the trough: salary and benefits as an IRS agent (the same IRS she also rails against) and congresswoman, grants and government payouts for her family businesses and subsidies for her family farm.

        2. She opportunistically takes wild positions on things she is not equipped to understand (such as debt default), positions she knows she wiill never have to vote in the majority on, simply to appeal to that white, angry male demographic she is so cynically courting.

        Fraud? Yes, I think so.

    4. Tom says:

      @ The Architect

      Social Conservatives, Tea Party people, from the 6 the District, etc.

      1. The Architect says:

        @ Tom

        Sorry, but your post may have been placed out of order when it was entered, so I’m not sure what you’re responding to here.

  2. Freddie Freeman says:

    she should ask for more money and raise taxes of the wealthy, who already pay a buttload in taxes every year anyways to support those that sit on their arrrrses and make babies to suck off the teet of the land…

  3. Fail Bachmann says:

    She’ll never be a President, stick to farm subsides.

  4. v says:

    Hey Freddie, how does “buttload” translate to taxes for those over $250,000 and corporations being the lowest they’ve been in 18 years. Oh, and while we’re on the subject… all those tax-breaks provided under the Bush Mafia (sorry… eh hem… “administration”) has really paid off in job increases, eh? You people are the worst kind of sheep. The GOP is lining the pockets of the wealthy (no, not you) and instead of raising questions and challenging policies… you want to help carry the bags of money to their car for them. Unbelievable.

    1. Anti-Teabagger says:

      Yup, it is the same tea baggers who asked for tax breaks and then sent all those jobs overseas to China, Mexico and outsources programmers from India. Way to go republicans! Put everyone in the poor house, then who is going to buy your products then? Because after you tax the heck out of us and take away our jobs, who can afford to spend a dime!?

    2. Tom says:

      @ V

      Yes Freddie and others like him love to carry the bags of money for the rich to their cars! They feel sorry for the rich just like they believe the rich feel sorry for them!

  5. Dr, K. says:

    She’s the “mad hatter” of the Tea Party… Shallow brooks are the noisiest.
    Very doubtful she’d garner 30% approval in Minnesota, but her district is
    arch conservative, myopic, etc. The media give her far more attention than her
    accomplishments, proposals, views deserve. She’s a tool of vested
    interests (check her contributors) and she manipulates the media and her
    rabid supporters with provocative, outlandish, misinformed statements.
    A legend in her own mind! A sad but scary spectacle. Of course, she & Ms. Palin make out like bandits when all is said and done. A method to their
    madness. I thought I’d never long for Richard Nixon..oh well. KK

    1. Anti-Teabagger says:

      We will see a Latino in office before a woman.

    2. meow says:

      There are actual descriptions for those types of mental dysfunctions. The Bachmanns are PRIME examples of the following.

      Warning Signs of Pathological Liars
      A pathological liar might exhibit the following behaviors:

      •Lie to control and get their own way
      •Often change stories
      •Exaggerate, lying about almost everything, but tell the truth about major ones
      •Not value truth
      •Live in their own reality most of the time
      •Behave defensively when questioned or challenged
      •Lie for sympathy
      •Don’t admit they lie
      •Contradict what they say because they don’t remember their lies, although there are exceptions

  6. Julie for Ron Paul 2012 says:

    If she will ‘only submit balanced budgets’ then she is having someone else do the work/math for her because that crazy, insane wannabe can’t even get her historical statements correct, and was praising John Wayne Gacy in Iowa lmao.

    She won’t take the challenge of that 14 year old young lady who challenged her, but instead didn’t stop her so called supporters from heckling and calling the CHILD nasty little names.

    Michelle Bachmann is a joke and no matter how much he denies it, her husband is flaming gay. However, a blind person cant see the flames, but others around him feel the heat lolololololol

    1. Citizen says:

      Hey, Julie, Ron Paul is a flake and beyond consideration. The people in his district were extremely glad when he said he would run for president and give up his seat there. He wants to abolish the Department of Justice–that’s the department that is REALLY tasked with taking care of terrorism–not Homeland Security. And DOJ has the FBI. Plus, even more important, of all the agencies that serve the executive branch of government (the President), DOJ is the independent one which enforces the laws of the U.S. (yes, there have been those exceptions under Bush II), but the other agencies dance to the president’s tune. Makes you wonder why anyone would want to eliminate the premier law enforcement agency of the country? Hmm……

  7. soapboxgod says:

    The notion that Bachmann is champion of fiscal responsibility is laughable. Why just the two simple examples dismiss the notion outright.


    Bachmann voted for government interference and for increased spending. SBIR/STTR Reauthorization Act – Title I: Modernizing the SBIR and STTR Programs – Amends the Small Business Act to extend through FY2010 (currently scheduled to expire at the end of FY2008) the Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) and Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR) programs of the Small Business Administration (SBA). Increases, for both the SBIR and STTR programs, the individual small business award levels from: (1) $100,000 to $300,000, for participation at a Phase One level; and (2) $750,000 to $2.2 million, for participation at a Phase Two level. Allows participating federal agencies (agencies) to exceed such award levels if such agencies notify, and provide annual reports concerning such increase to, the congressional small business committees. Bachman votes for college scholarship bills H.R.362 and H.R. 363: while America is broke borrowing from China.

    -H.R.1255 Government Shutdown Prevention Act of 2011: Bachmann voted yes to continue the unsustainable spending orgy.

  8. Common Man says:

    Obama does not have a budget. He want other to do it for him so he can just make comments and not be accountable for anything …what a leader…NOT.
    More… bigger….more control of private wealth is not a budget.
    But wait…balance budgets are a joke anyway. They can always be overridden and amended. We really need smaller government and need to get government out of areas that it has no business being in. Funding stupid studies. Funding everything for everybody…growing bigger, creating regulations so it can grow even bigger… it is out of control at every level!

  9. Daniel1956 says:

    Quote for the day: “If you tell a big enough lie, and tell if often enough, people will believe it.” Bachmann? Nope. It’s a Hitler quote. Although it could be a Bachmann quote, if she’d ever studied history. Not likely, though. She’s too stupid to see the parallels between her speeches and those from history.

  10. Tea Pee'ers and Fruitcake says:

    You TeaPee’ers are about as bad as the lib’s …. and a helluva lot dumber.
    Your platform is non-existent but all spin and bullchit. What’s new – guess you would be a great 3rd party.

    Is your VP preference Adolf Hitler III ?

    1. meow says:

      Agreed. It’s sad that anyone would defend the Bachmanss. They are scammers and con artists of the worse kind. Pathological liars that have been caught and confronted on lies. I won’t even get into the depths of bigotry and discrimination these two stand for. It’s seriously NOT the American way. They are criminals who practice consumer fraud and junk therapy on the tax payers dime. It’s sick.

  11. The Truth says:

    Sorry, but I have the dignity to earn my own living instead of trying to live on the backs of others. I don’t want anyones handouts or tax money from anyone. Last I checked I don’t live in Kenya.

  12. drts says:

    Make it stop. She’s now more overexposed than that Kardashian gal with the big butt.

  13. Carole Rog says:

    OMG…….I love her line when asked about her headaches. As one who suffers migraines, it’s certainly not as easy as “keeping a rigorous schedule.” Like I could just pencil in when I’m going to get a migraine?????? It’s all a moot point though; she’ll never be President.

    1. Charlie says:

      @ Carole Rog….

      How did you read that into her quote?

      She mentioned her schedule to show that she is up to the task…

      and then you made a gigantic leap/stretch, so give it up already!

  14. Kman says:

    Funny how she can spend money she Knows came Debt spending or is she talking Balance Like T-Paw was Pull money from Schools and hope you can find a way to Pay it Later

  15. Reasonable says:

    Having dual citizenship, I almost hope this lunatic gets elected so I can just walk away from the pathetic corpse of America before she and her ilk begin kicking it for fun

    1. dan says:

      Please leave now! I will hold the door

      1. Reasonable says:

        oh dan, you think you’re going to take my place if I do leave? Sorry pal, it’s not that easy.

        Then again, if you don’t want the tax revenue collected on my income, you really deserve what’s coming if the lunatic fringe of the right (to which MB inarguably belongs) if they somehow manage to win. On the other hand if you start to think with your brain instead of your radio you may find that voting republican is NOT in yiour best interested unless you have at a minimum six figure income.

        Think of it like football. If US politics swing from say the 40yd line to the 40yd line, it isn’t an exciting game but at least you know it’s pretty even and balanced. When some people start hanging out at the 15yd line and proceed to tell the people that are 25yds away that they are actually 45yds away the whole thing gets messed up. What used to be the center is now moved to one side and the radicals on one side have an even larger ideological divide between themselves and the radicals on the other side. Back to the football analogy, now you have much more movement and it looks exciting, but the end will be when one of those teams scores a touchdown. I’d say we’re maybe 20 years away from that happening in the US. It’ll either become a fascist state with a cross wrapped in a flag on the right, or it’ll become a moderate social state like Sweden if the left wins. Economic growth will be crippled but at least people will be alive…

        Call me an alarmist if you must, but take a brief look at the slow march towards fascism in Italy ca 1920-40. In extreme summation: an industrial complex pushing constant war, or at least the fear of it, that slowly beings to own control of the govt, large corruption, friendly to the church, anti-proliteriat. Sounds familiar doesn’t it?

        1. meow says:

          I have to agree. We need to be HYPER careful who we as a country put into power. The “Bachmann Brand” is just too extremist to sell to the majority of the American people. If she was smart (um, cough cough) she’d have played down her extremist views (which is seems she is trying to do now, too late) and rode more of a middle point on views leaning toward conservative. So that only leaves me to believe that she’s just sucking money from conservatives who’ll throw money her way,… with no real intention or realization of ever winning. What if a group of people were giving you thousands and thousands or a few million just to spout off their bigotry and discrimination views? You’d play the puppet, lose the race then walk away with all that money. It’s a scam. It’s a total con and what is hilarious is that the crazy right-wing is falling for it.

  16. Go Away says:

    How could she balance a budget when she and her family are on the federal take for the farm. Everyone talk about a balance budget but what about the deficit to pay it down. What about cutting the hand outs for the criminals (illegals).Stop t he beggers on the give me give me.

    1. meow says:

      More empty promises. It’s both stunning and baffling that ANYONE with a average IQ and a computer that can do some basic fact checking, would follow her or fall for the political garbage she squawks about.

      She has no real substance to back any of her wishful rambles. Can anyone list wonderful and amazing things she has done to better Minnesota? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller?

      C’mon people…. this is like an interview to be in control of LAWS and MONEY that AFFECT YOUR LIFE!!! We need to hold these people accountable and see an impressive resume of accomplishments to give the vote for the TRUST of the POWER of the PRESIDENCY.

  17. frozenrunner says:

    Does this mean if she is elected president she will get the USA out of all of the war zones? 700 billion there, 700 billion health and human services. 2100 or so billion revenue.

    1. meow says:

      Republicans like wars. War is a BIG BUSINESS.

  18. yeppers says:

    Her promises are so far out there I cannot believe anyone takes her seriously. I am sure every politician can submit a balanced budget. The challenge is getting the rest of the legislature to go long with it.

    1. Reasonable says:

      let’s not forget that “budget” in political terms means fixed spending with fluctuating income. It’s the most asinine basis for operating an organization that large. Yeah, it’s nice to HOPE that we get $34b in revenue, but even if not we’re still going to spend the #35.4b or whatever it was for MN.

      Here’s a novel idea: budgets are based on % as opposed to $ and apply to the most recent income period. For those that this might confuse, the govt takes in $32b in FY2010. That’s all they have to spend for FY2011. Mind blowing isn’t it? For all the politicians that say that they care about defecit spending leading to debts, why don’t you ever hear a proposal such as this? It completely fixes the defecit problem in one fell swoop as you already know how much $$ you have and the budget is decided as a percentage of that whole as opposed to assigned dollar values compared to a projecti9on of income.

      Then again, I’m a filthy commie aren’t I?

  19. jack noff says:

    when i look at her

    1. King says:

      She spends more money on her hair, then I do on my house payments

  20. Joe from MN says:


  21. Citizen says:

    Hey, “Surfer” Joe (of that old song), Ron Paul is a flake and beyond consideration. The people in his district were extremely glad when he said he would run for president and give up his seat there. He wants to abolish the Department of Justice–that’s the department that is REALLY tasked with taking care of terrorism–not Homeland Security. And DOJ has the FBI. Plus, even more important, of all the agencies that serve the executive branch of government (the President), DOJ is the independent one which enforces the laws of the U.S. (yes, there have been those exceptions under Bush II), but the other agencies dance to the president’s tune. Makes you wonder why anyone would want to eliminate the premier law enforcement agency of the country? Hmm……
    And anyone who isn’t Bill Gates can be bought by the corporate elite. It takes a billion dollars in campaign money to run for the presidency of the U.S.

  22. sw says:

    If people agree with her politics, so be it. But whether democrat or republican, we should hold a high intellectual standard for the President of the US. My biggest issue with her is she just isn’t smart enough to run the country. I maybe didn’t agree with George HW Bush’s policies, but I had respect for the fact that he was an intelligent person. George W., on the other hand, suffered from the same intellectual deficiency as Bachmann, and drove our country into the ground because he had to rely on idealogues and knew he wasn’t smart enough to make good decisions. And W. looks like a genius compared to Bachmann. I think people get this about her, and their instincts tell them not to trust her. That is why she will never get elected.

  23. KEVIN says:


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