MINNEAPOLIS (AP) — The end of Minnesota’s government shutdown comes as a relief to laid-off employees and people who depend on their services.

Kent Mechels expects a big backlog when he returns to the Minnesota Department of Transportation in Rochester. He says he didn’t enjoy being a pawn in the impasse, and he says all sides can share in the blame.

Guy Lommen, of Deerwood, a sales rep for the Minnesota Lottery, says the final budget just leaves a problem for the next Legislature.

Kim Leonhardt, owner of High Banks Resort on Lake Winnibigoshish, had to talk at least a dozen parties out of canceling when the state stopped issuing fishing licenses. And she hit the panic button when she found the card that lets the resort buy liquor was about to expire. Now she says she’s just glad things are getting back on track.

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Comments (21)
  1. Kally says:

    Government employee Unions are already planning their next strike… get ready to hear how unfair having life time inflation proof pensions and medical benefits that they have to kick in a small % to pay for. The GOP should have stood firm on the 15% cut in state workers….we would not have missed them.

    1. sam says:

      Yeah!!! I hate workers who get good pensions and benefits! They should have to work a lot harder for a lot less like the rest of the middle/lower class! We should just cut all these lazy peoples jobs, they are so worthless. That will save the state money so we can allow top earners to keep more money, create amazing jobs and this stimulate the economy. Maybe some of the lazy unemployed will be hired into these great jobs if they show that they have learned how to work hard. Yeah!!!

      1. BJ says:

        Your comment is obviously due to your deep-seated jealousy of those who EARNED their state jobs, and who DO work hard, and DO pay taxes….. likely a lot more than you do! The trash talk against state employees is nearly always from someone who’s never gotten enough education to reach for a better paying job, and who will ultimately ALWAYS work at places like Micky Dee’s or Burger King. I’ve worked hard to get where I am, and no, I don’t make the big bucks that losers like you seem to think all state workers earn. How many people can say they have been with the same employer for 20 years? You probably get mad because some customer wanted extra pickles on their burger and QUIT YOUR JOB! I’m sure THAT looks good on your resume! What? You don’t have a resume? Probably because there’s nothing worth PUTTING on that resume! Burger King and Micky Dee’s don’t give management jobs to those who don’t even have a resume. And we PAY big time into our pensions and we PAY BIG TIME for the benefits we get, and we don’t get nearly as good benefits as we did more than 15 years ago. Wanna know why? Because it takes more and more of OUR TAX DOLLARS to support people like YOU that are likely drawing benefits from the government! I’ve never taken a dime from welfare in my entire life! I work for a living and always have. Get off your dead butt and try to better yourself. You probably dropped out of school, too, didn’t you???? If you don’t know what you’re talking about, it’s best to shut your mouth! Now THAT’S a novel idea!

        1. Matt H. says:

          You are OBVIOUSLY a state worker!! My guess is that you work at the Department of Higher Education. WHAT A JOKE!!! I PRAY THAT YOU ALL LOSE YOU JOBS!! You are an ABSOLUTE WASTE of TAX PAYER MONEY! Tell us all what you do everyday AT YOUR HARD WORKING JOB???… Oh I got it right here… It’s not 5pm yet when you sent your message.. You were ONLINE LOOKING AT THE NEWS AND WASTING TAX PAYER MONEY!! And yes, those people you think you are BETTER THAN that work at “Mickey Dee’s and Burger King” as you call it ARE PAYING YOUR SALARY! THEY MIGHT NOT MAKE MUCH, BUT I HAVE WAY MORE SELF RESPECT FOR THEM!!

    2. Matt H. says:

      15% cut?? SHOULD BE MORE LIKE 60% or MORE cut??. I used to work at the state and I seen the OBSCENE WASTE! They drag their feet and spend as much money as they can to get more money in their budgets for the next year! How fair is that for the hard working private industry tax payers that are paying THEIR salaries and benefits!!??

  2. DFLSUX says:

    Good Job Republicans! Keep up the good work!

  3. jemstone80 says:

    The only way I knew the Minnesota Government was shut down other than the fodder printed by the media was that the traffic was moving better than normal! If 15% of state paid workers are non-essential why are they on the payroll to start with? Is that what is called FAT? So the state workers just got a 20 day paid vacation…paid by unemployment if nothing else? How do I get a do nothing job with great benefits?

  4. ron says:

    You mean to tell me that the state government was shut down? never needed them then don’t need them now just a bunch of lazy slackers why can’t we shut down six months every year

  5. sam says:

    The comments above are for the most part shamefull. Who are you people to question the importance of another person’s job? You don’t know what they do or what purpuse they serve. When any of you are on vacation from your job and the company does not blow up in your absence, would that make you non-essential? These workers did not ask for the state govt. shutdown. Instead of chastising these people for the benefits, pensions and decent treatment they recieve from their employer, shouldn’t people be asking why isn’t my company giving me the same or similar?

    1. Citizen says:

      You ask, “Who are you people to question the importance of another person’s job?” I’ll tell you . . . we’re income tax payers. (Well those of us you are in the top half of wage earners who actually pay income tax.) As an income tax payer, we’re the ones who provide the revenue to pay for the state government worker’s compensation. As such, it is our responsibility to ensure our tax money is being spent wisely.

      There is nothing wrong with calling someone out for not working hard enough to justify their pay and benefits, especially when you’re one of those who actually pay income tax.

      1. Mark says:

        Typo – “Well those of us WHO are in the top half of wage earners who actually pay income tax.”

        But your point is right on.

      2. sam says:

        Do you watch these people on the job then? We all pay taxes is some form pal; that’s life. Consider yourself lucky to live in a society that has allowed you rights enough where you can have success. Unless you are these worker’s direct supervisor or superior, you really have no right to blindly question their work ethic and rights to decent benefits. I don’t have the answers to our govts. problems, just as you obviously don’t, but it really get’s us nowhere to go and blindly point the finger at mostly innocent govt. employees.

        1. Citizen says:

          I pay income tax, yes that is part of my life. But a benefit of paying that tax is that I have the right to hold those accountable who are compensated with the revenue generated by my tax dollars. Do I observe all state workers, obviously not. But I do come in contact with many of them on a regular basis. When I do, what becomes glaringly apparent, many (not all) of them are putting in much less than a 100% effort. As it is my tax dollars that are being spent to employ those government workers that I observe not putting forth a 100%, I have the right to speak up and hold them accountable.

          If you don’t like the fact that I see government workers not performing their job well, chew them out. Because as long as I’m paying for work that I believe could be done better, I’ll demand better.

          I’m curious, would you be one of those government workers I see working at a “snail’s” paces? I’m betting you are.

      3. BJ says:

        Do you think WE don’t pay income taxes as state employees???? Seriously???? You’re kidding, right????? Sheesh! I probably pay MORE than you do!

    2. BJ says:

      Thank you, Sam. That’s one of the few intelligent comments I’ve seen on this site.

  6. Caleb says:

    some state employees do bust there ass just like everyone else. if you think you can do better why dont you get a state job.

    1. BJ says:

      Because they are possibly high school dropouts? Didn’t further their education? Just want to trash someone else, because it makes them feel better about their own miserable job and life? All of the above.

      Granted, there are some state employees that don’t pull their own weight. That makes it harder for the rest of us, because we have to pull ours and theirs, too. But how is that any different from any other job or company in the private sector? I’ve worked there, too, and it’s the same thing. No matter if you work for the government or private sector, there’s waste and laziness in someone who works there.

      1. cj says:

        point taken. u will find laziness in both the state and private sector equally, just its more heavily critized as a state employee vs. private sector.

  7. HACK says:

    “Citizen” just so I have understand you, you are saying that State workers are not taxpayers? And also none of them will get back pay or were paid during this layoff. You might want to get your facts before sticking your foot in your mouth.

    1. Citizen says:

      My foot in mouth . . . Just to be clear, I said . . .
      Those of us who pay income tax have the right to expect that our tax dollars are being spent wisely. Nothing wrong with that.
      I’ve observed many state employees working in a manner that would be considered less than expectable where I work. That’s simply my observation, nothing wrong with that either.

      What I did not say . . .
      No state employee pays taxes. (I’m sure they are no different than the rest of us. They pay based on their net income.)
      All state employees are bad. (I’m sure there are some good ones out there. I’ve personally observed too many bad ones.)
      I never mentioned anything about back pay, so you obviously did not read my posts very well.

      What I will add . . . where I work . . . you will get fired for not pulling your weight. (That is a fact.) Perhaps RJ worked at a company that didn’t have to watch the bottom line as well as others. I’m sure that happens in some places.

      Now you may take your foot out of YOUR mouth.

      You all have a nice day, I’m going out to enjoy this nice summer heat.

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