Iowa GOP Straw Poll Means More To Some Than Others

CORALVILLE, Iowa (AP) — The sprint is under way for Iowa’s Republican presidential straw poll, a defining moment for some 2012 GOP prospects that now is less than a month away.

Tim Pawlenty is spending all week in Iowa, trying to generate momentum for the Aug. 13 event at Iowa State University.

Thousands of GOP activists are expected to attend the straw poll, although Mitt Romney, the leader in national polls, won’t participate, and Texas Gov. Rick Perry is not expected to decide in time whether he’s running.

Doing well at the event can boost fundraising and media buzz. Falling short can cripple or abruptly end a campaign.

Pawlenty says the event can show his Iowa campaign is moving, despite registering in the single digits in recent polls.

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  • frozenrunner

    That piece certainly said very little.

  • Murph

    Pawlenty seems a bit upbeat for someone getting his backside blistered! He must be a masochist as well as a senior citizen basher! He would make a great running mate for Idi Amin.

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