Senior Dayton Adviser Leaving For White House Post

ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) — A senior adviser to Minnesota Gov. Mark Dayton says she’s leaving his administration to take an assignment within the White House.

Deputy Chief of Staff Andrea Mokros said Wednesday she will head to Washington to be a high-level aide to First Lady Michelle Obama. Mokros has led Dayton’s communications department during his first six months in office.

Her announcement comes on the day Minnesota’s government shutdown and overtime session ended.

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    From the frying pan into the fire. She’s nuts

    • Mike

      President Obama’s wife Michelle will need the extra help when Barack and Democrats lead the nation for four more years out of the Republican caused depression that has put a strangle hold on our nation. Peace out, a-hole……..

  • Lucifer

    How about a picture of Andrea Makos instead of a picture of our clown governor?

    Why does the pricess Michelle need yet another aide? Let me guess…. she will be in charge of washing Michelle’s back in the shower.

  • dan

    High level aide? What the heck does Ms Obo need high level anything?

  • Give Me Liberty

    Political payback for left spin on shutting down the state government perhaps?

    Check out the Gov. Cameras have the same effect on him that headlights have on deer.

  • Claire

    Must be headed to Washington to coordinate the next shut down!

  • IwonderIF

    Stay angry friends!

  • join the losing team

    She will be pulling weeds from Michelles sustainable urban garden.

  • crocriva

    purchase Vestidos de noche to take huge discount

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