Supervalu, First Lady Team Up For ‘Healthier America’

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Supervalu, First Lady Michelle Obama and the Partnership for a Healthier America are teaming up to increase access to healthy foods nationwide.

The Twin Cities grocer said Wednesday it plans to open an additional 250 of its “Save-A-Lot” food stores within the next five years.

The goal is to make healthier foods, like fresh vegetables, fruits and meats more accessible to “food deserts.”

Food deserts are areas that have limited or no access to healthy food options.

Supervalu CEO Craig Herkert said he’s excited to work with Michelle Obama in battling childhood obesity.

“We applaud the First Lady for her efforts to really get after this vexing issue in America.”

Herkert said the new stores are projected to provide approximately four million people with affordable food options while creating thousands of jobs.

“We’re really pleased to be partnering with the First Lady on this and the opportunity to add 6,000 jobs,” said Herkert.

NewsRadio 830 WCCO’s Steve Murphy Reports

  • IwonderIf

    Hmm no racist comment yet?
    No ignorant conservative based comments either?

    Must be the heat wave

    • Max

      LOL, just give it time, the racist comments are inevitable….

    • J

      HMM no selfish, arrogant, ego-soaked liberal labeling towards conservatives yet. must be a free sample somewhere.

    • MKIA

      Wow! Glad we could have an honest frank discussion.

      • IwonderIf

        you don’t seriously come here looking for a ” honest frank discussion” do you?

        • MKIA

          Would have been refreshing.

  • Allan

    I didn’t know SuperValu sold horse food

    • IwonderIf

      And Allan Saved the day!!!!! Such a classy and genuine comment folks.. Natural comedian.. Just when I was starting to wonder where are all the stupid people!!!

  • MARK

    It’s my sincere hope that all conservatives ignore the sensible advice from the First Lady and continue to eat garbage and smoke heaters like they’re going out of style.

    • lwonderlf

      You mean the First Wookie

      • The real IwonderIf

        very very funny and also once again super original..

  • Nordberg

    Did somebody say “desert”? I will take some key lime pie please!

    • The Architect



  • Give Me Liberty

    Looks like lwonderlf has the assignment to be the politically correct police on the Obama blog. All the mean spirited venomous left loonies are assigned to do proactive posting on the Bachmann blog.

    Guess the rational right needs to give him something to keep him busy for the rest of the day so here goes…

    First the government tells you what to eat, then they’ll tell you how much, and then comes the rationing. Welcome to the Socialist States of America!

    • Purple Yoda

      Whats your IQ pal…40 or less? Now sit back turn on FOX SPEWS and play with yourself…that’s a good TeapubliCON

    • IwonderIf

      Well said – I wouldn’t expect any more of less from you.. Very interesting handle. Patrick’s speech ” Give me liberty or give me death” right.. You should read that speech again. you might discover that your idea of what is rationality is really insanity. Good Luck out there

      Stay Angry Friends

      • Give Me Liberty

        The anger will reamin until the socialists leave the country. Next year’s headlines. Supervalue pays no taxes. Welcome to the Obama corporate payoff program.

        “I predict future happiness for Americans if they can prevent the government from wasting the labors of the people under the pretense of taking care of them.” — Thomas Jefferson

  • Sam I am

    Rainbow has better prices and coupon deals. So no scratch off my back.

  • dan

    I would think that SuperValu could find someone at least in shape to be a sponsor. Not an ideal picture of health.

  • justaxnspend

    All I want to see is the stock price bounce back from it’s historical low, which
    is where it’s at now. So how is this going to help…..oh ya it’ll be endorsed by
    the Obamas…..yipppi !!!!!

  • Sheryl Aukes

    In case nobody noticed, the healthy food is more expensive the the junk food. That is why people are obese. They can’t afford the healthy food. Lower the prices of the healthy food and increase the price of junk food then people will start getting healthy. They just don’t get it.

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