ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) — Minnesota’s unemployment rate remained relatively steady again in June after adding 13,200 jobs.

State labor officials say the jobless rate rose 0.1 percent to 6.7 percent, better than the national rate of 9.2 percent. Officials say that the gain in jobs is very good news, but that it will take long-term, sustained job growth to impact the state’s unemployment rate.

Leisure and hospitality led all sectors in job growth, adding 8,000 jobs. Other big gains occurred in trade, transportation, utilities, education, health services and government.

The biggest June job losses occurred in construction (down 2,200) followed by professional and business services (1,200).

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Comments (11)
  1. GOPSUX says:

    musta been all them tax cuts fer the rich dats makin all dem jobs

    1. Yanny says:

      Ya i heard that. I got a job from a rich person making minimum wage without any benefits. But that is okay, they make me works lots of over-time so that I can feeds the kids. I really love the new economy. We should finance the rich people’s homes so dat they doesn’t need to works so hard so they can play boat down the St. Croix. My boss told me that if I works hard enough and work more hours I may be able to go to da dentist. I likes the guy, he is concerned about folks.

  2. keith says:

    How many jobs were lost in this same time period because the politicians that we elected and paid didn’t do their jobs?????? and yes when the rich get tax cuts they can hire more people, and help the economy grow. When the gov holds that money they waste it on programs that help keep lazy people poor! The rich get richer cause they work for it, not cause they expect it.

  3. Jim says:

    well said Keith.
    i wish folks would quit worrying about how much money others make and get off the couch.

  4. snowman says:

    Iget really tired of hearing how the rich create jobs What BS!
    The rich keeo their money in the bank,and send jobs overseas!

    1. GOPSUX says:

      Well said, snowman.

  5. looper says:

    Keith has it all wrong, the rich create few jobs in the U.S.
    Most of the good manufacturing jobs have moved overseas

  6. snowman says:

    The rich create a very small percentage of us jobs

  7. Scott says:

    Wow, I am proud of Minnesota, you created almost 3000 more jobs that my state of Wisconsin did since January 1st. Times are a booming and maybe it is time to look to Minnesota for that elusive job.

    Leisure and hospitality led the way. Ok, so that means a fast food joint and the local resort hired some summer workers. Are the jobs long term? Are they full time jobs?

    I can create a job and hire someone and file the report with the necessary state agency. I hired the person to work 2 hours a week cleaning the place and I created a job. There is more data that needs to be known about the numbers than anyone is releasing, in Minnesota and here in Wisconsin about the jobs that were created. In Wisconsin, Walker is all over the numbers stating how well the state is doing and it only took the budget deal of cutting aid and taking away the bargaining rights of union workers and now we are creating jobs like crazy. But what job? What type of job? Where? What rate of pay? Full time or part time? No one is telling the rest of the story.

    1. Cory says:

      I went from a good job in the factory to stocking shelves at a discount store. I went from having benifits such as medical and now I have none. I make less than I used to make and I am constantly put down and threatened that I can be replaced. Well at least I can make just enough to keep the billing department busy making arrangements with me to pay their bills. I can cut back and put the family in a one room tin roofed shed. As long as I am a number on job growth to keep those who say this is good and they did it happy, I am happy, they telllme I should be.

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