ST. PAUL (WCCO) — The Minnesota Supreme Court has denied a review of Gordon Weaver’s murder conviction in the 1999 death of his wife.

The 54-year-old man was convicted of second-degree murder in November 2005, a conviction that was overturned in 2007. His case was re-tried in 2010 and he was convicted once again. That second conviction was upheld in appeals court a few months ago.

Ramsey County Judge Salvador Rosas sentenced Gordon Weaver to 18 years and nine months in prison, an upward departure from state guidelines.

“Our office is pleased that the Minnesota Supreme Court has denied review of this case. We believe the Court’s order should bring an end to the long ordeal endured by Jean Weaver’s family and friends,” said Ramsey County Attorney John Choi.

Jean Ann Weaver died in the couple’s White Bear Lake home on October 16, 1999.

Prosecutors said Gordon Weaver shoved Jean Ann Weaver, causing her to hit her head. Weaver was accused of pouring accelerant and starting the house on fire to cover up the evidence.

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  1. RW says:

    Good. What a weasel.

  2. fred says:

    don`t drop the soap….gordy

    1. just sayin says:

      No you want him to. Every day. He deserves it.

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