WALKER, Minn. (AP) — A Cass County grand jury has upgraded the charges against a Cass Lake man accused in the killing of his ex-girlfriend to first-degree premeditated murder

County prosecutors announced the new charges Friday against 27-year-old Ross Z. Littlewolf.

He had previously been charged with second-degree murder, but because a conviction for first-degree premeditated murder carries a mandatory life sentence without parole, it can only be charged by a grand jury.

Prosecutors allege Littlewolf fired a shotgun blast through a sliding glass door to enter the Cass Lake home of 22-year-old Kandace Blaine Dunn and then shot her in the head June 26.

Dunn was sharing a room with her two young children — one of whom is also Littlewolf’s child.

Leech Lake tribal police arrested Littlewolf a short time later.

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Comments (6)
  1. kevin = stupid says:

    Kevin, one, two, three! Get going on your racist rant.

  2. kevin = stupid says:

    Oops, I have my timing wrong for the flash mob. Never mind

  3. stumppump says:

    Wow a violent indian, I suppose you’re going to tell me he drinks also, go figure, typical tonto

  4. JIm S. says:

    Let me guess… Has a rap sheet for previous violent offenses.

  5. Ogichidaa says:

    Ignorant stereotypes!! Do not condone the violence, however, not all Native Americans fall into the same category.

  6. em0886 says:

    Well on a more serious note…how tragic for the children left behind, and what is this guy’s problem?? He entered the house in a violent way with the clear intent to kill her for whatever reason. This is just so sad.

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