Joe Jonas Steps Out On His Own

By Nicole Crosbie, WCCO Entertainment Blogger

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Joe Jonas is ready to make his own mark on the music industry as he prepares to release his first solo album this September. He promises a more mature album with a new sound that fans haven’t heard before.

His first single, “See No More,” shows a more vulnerable side of Joe as he sings about the heartbreak of an ended relationship. This is one of Joe’s more emotional songs, but fans can also look forward to a mix of more upbeat, fun party songs on his album.

Joe Jonas treated five lucky KDWB radio contest winners and their guests to a dinner at CRAVE Restaurant in Minneapolis on Thursday. Charming, charismatic and easy going, Joe spent time with each winner, signing autographs and taking pictures. I caught up with Joe to get the details on his new album.

Nicole Crosbie: Tell me a little about your upcoming album. What can fans expect to hear?

Joe Jonas:  The upcoming album has a lot of influences from urban artists and dance artists. I love music from Kanye West and Kid Cudi to Latin music and I wanted to pull all of my inspirations together to create something new for the fans who have been around for a while to hear. It’s something for new ears. Maybe people who haven’t listened to the Jonas Brothers’ stuff before can go, “You know, I want to listen to this.” That would be great.

NC: What was it like to record without your brothers?

JJ: It was cool. I feel like this whole process was something that I wanted to do alone and that they were supportive of and they wanted me to have the experience to go write on my own. I didn’t really write a lot of songs for my project with them and they felt like they wanted me to take my time and go on my own journey and that’s what I felt like I needed to do.

NC: Your past relationships have received a lot of media attention. Can we expect to hear anything about your previous relationships in your new songs?

JJ: I feel like they are all from personal experiences, so I’m sure that there are going to be rumors or ideas of who I’m writing the songs about. I can say that things I’ve gone through in personal relationships are definitely in the songs. My stories that I’ve gone through, the good and bad of relationships that I’ve gone through… I’ve written down the lyrics and been able to hopefully let people in. That way they can relate.

NC: There’s been a lot of buzz that this solo album shows the new, grown up side of Joe Jonas. How do you react to that?

JJ: It’s a bit more of a mature record, a coming-of-age record. It’s something that might shock a few people here and there with the lyrics and things that I’m going through. I think it’s just more mature; it’s age-appropriate.

NC: “See No More” [the first song released from Joe’s solo album] has received really positive feedback from your fans. What has the immediate support from your fans meant to you?

JJ: It’s been so amazing to see so much support. We live in the Twitter world now, so you can really see quickly what people are saying back to me- whether it’s good or bad- and luckily it’s been all good with “See No More.” They’re loving the new music. I feel like for them, they’ve been hungry for anything Jonas for a while because we haven’t released a CD in over a year and a half, so for them to hear new stuff, they’re like, “Yes! Thank you, finally!” -which is always a nice thing.


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