By Mike Max

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — The Twins have an electric center fielder who has grabbed the attention of the fans, and his name is Ben Revere.

Revere has been, at minimum, exciting for the Twins since he was called up. However, it is not widely known how athletic the diminutive lead-off man is.

He played baseball, basketball and football growing up, and he was the lead man at Lexington Catholic High School.

Revere’s father, John Revere, is a coach. Ironically, he coaches football, not baseball. He is the runningback coach at Eastern Kentucky University. And Ben became quite the receiver at Lexington Catholic High School. One can imagine his speed on the open football field.

“I started playing in the offense and defense … I was just having fun out there,” Ben said. “Then all these colleges come up asking for tapes, and I’m like: ‘You want me to try out for football?’”

John said that Ben was a dominant force on his high school team.

“About a six week period there [Ben] averaged about three touchdowns a game,” John said.

Speed has always been with Ben, and now that speed is translating onto the baseball field, where every time at bat offers the potential for a highlight.

His family knew his speed a long time ago, when his grandpa tried chasing Ben down while he was trying to get at a foul ball.

“I took off at him,” his grandfather John Revere said. “I fell; and when I looked up, he was still running.”

Ben’s family is confident he’s made the right decision on the right sport.

J.R. Revere, Ben’s brother, said that Ben brings a unique set of talents to baseball — talents that many players don’t have.

From high school speedster to big league outfielder, Ben has received a lot of help from his athletic-minded family.

“He pretty much knows where it all came from,” Ben’s father said. “He knows that the bread was buttered long before he got here by athletes such as his granddad, brother and myself.”


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