MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Anders Breivik is far from the only person in Norway, in the world, with anti-immigrant, anti-Muslim views. There are those who fantasize about carrying out a violent attack, but virtually none of them do. So how does someone with extreme opinions become someone carrying out extreme violence?

“We need to be careful to remember that this isn’t a snap. This is very deliberate, very well thought out,” said Dr. Mike Thompson, a forensic psychologist in Minneapolis. Thompson has spent decades evaluating criminals with severe psychological disorders.

“The first place we want to go: This has to be the work of someone who’s mentally ill, somebody who has serious problems,” Thompson said. “No doubt he did.”

According to Thompson, however, the research on “lone wolves” who go from having extreme views to taking action doesn’t show a trend of psychotic mental illness.

While stressing that he doesn’t know Breivik and therefore certainly is in no position to be diagnosing, he said, “I doubt this person is what we would call psychotic, where he clearly lost connection with reality. But he’s so enmeshed with his own thinking.”

Breivik wrote a 1,500-page manifesto, telling his life story and sharing his views, which sounded similar to those of the Unabomber, Ted Kaczynski.

“Kaczynski was threatened by technology, and this gentleman was threatened by multiculturalism,” Thompson said.

In fact, Breivik plagiarized Kaczynski’s manifesto. Kaczynski wrote: “One of the most widespread manifestations of the craziness of our world is leftism.” Breivik took out the word “leftism,” and put in “multiculturalism.”

“He was so absorbed by his beliefs and the rightness of his beliefs, and so narcissicistic that he honestly thought he could start a revolution,” Thompson said.

Monday Breivik said that there were other cells in the terrorist network to which he belonged.

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  1. Rumplestilkson says:

    This guy is crazy. He’s a mass murderer on the scale of Kissinger, Bush and Blair. Completely nuts

    1. See BS says:

      President Truman is the #1 Mass Murderer in US History, and Saddam had Bush beat way before congress allowed the military to invaded Iraq.

      Scandinavian Countries have a high suicide rate, perhaps the same thing contributed to this Norweigen terrorists mental health problems.

      1. Kokobeans says:

        If you’re refering to President Truman as a murderer because of allowing the atomic bomb to drop, you need to read your history book again. Americans in the Pacific were getting their butts kicked. Thousands were getting killed on those little islands. Truman needed something to paralyze Japan and fast.

  2. Mike says:

    This guy was a narcissistic right wing, Christian Conservative. The same character profile of the House of Representative Republicans and Republican, Minnesota Legislatures that hold a proverbial gun to there adversaries and common peoples heads to pass bills, laws and legislation that benefit the wealthy at the expense of everyone else!

    1. See BS says:

      Funny how See BS doesn’t mention Joseph stack, the man who slammed his airplane into a Texas IRS building killing 1 person and injuring 13 people.

      Omar Thorton murdered 8 people in a shooting at The Hartford Distributors shooting in Manchester Connecticut.

      Post office workers have killed a lot of people too.

      1. Todd W. Olson says:

        He probably doesn’t mention Stack because killing 1 person hardly qualifies as “mass murder”. Moron.

        1. See BS says:

          I’m sure someone who crashes an Airplane into an office building had a lot more in mind than one person.

          It all depends on how corporate run media wants to spin it, sorry if it bothers you so much.

    2. BeenThereDoneThat says:

      There is nothing in his manifesto or personal history indicating he is Christian..what are you basing your statement on?

  3. middle of the road says:

    What made this mass murderer so enraged was that he was being forced to hide his beliefs because of political correctness by his government. Others were living off of his work and he was not allowed to openly dispute their beliefs, but they were allowed and even encouraged to call out his god as non existant. Is this starting to sound familiar. This is an observation how close this country is to Norway in how we treat many of our citizens…

  4. Touche! says:

    Dr. Mike Thompson is the lone wolf here. It is fact that this guy met with Knights of Templar. It is fact that he is a Freemason. Pull rank on the US government and find out how many people share the same title as this guy does! Just because you don’t believe his ways doesn’t mean he is wrong! I agree with the person above me. And thanks to WCCHOE for not posting my informational and factual post prior to this. I guess it was to honest and real so they could not post it. That goes against their mega budget corporate political spew they usually convey. I guess this one will have to do for now.

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