Editor’s note: As of Aug. 2, the tour has been rescheduled and a possible Minneapolis stop has been postponed. More dates could be added to the tour in the future, but nothing is confirmed. For the most up-to-date list, click here.

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Get ready, Minneapolis — Jay-Z and Kanye West are headed to town.

The duo, who call their group “Throne,” will rock the Target Center stage, coming up at 7:30 p.m. on Oct. 8.

Target Center officials said they confirmed the tour stop on Saturday. Tickets are between $49.50 and $199.50 — they will be available at 10 a.m. Monday, Aug. 8 at the Target Center Box Office, all ticketmaster outlets or online at livenation.com or ticketmaster.com.

The 24-date tour begins Sept. 22 in Detroit and ends Nov. 3 in Boston.

Jay-Z and West’s highly anticipated joint LP, “Watch the Throne,” will be released Aug. 8 on iTunes. The CD release will be Aug. 12.

Comments (51)
  1. The Police says:

    Oh please! Free thineself from bigotry and just live a little.

  2. dan says:

    This should be a nice cultural event in Minneapolis! Probably a good opportunity to sell belts and suspenders.

  3. The Architect says:

    I’m not racist and I’m not an idiot either. Are you saying there won’t be any related shootings? Are you willing to place a monetary wager on that?

  4. The Police says:

    Oh please Mr. Architect! Free thineself from bigotry and just live a little.

    1. dan says:

      Dont you remember that 10 minutes ago you just said the same thing? You know that crack dont smoke itself!

    2. "F" the police says:

      “thineself”? I’m sure you meant “thyself,” idiot. Go ahead…take another crack at sounding smart, Shakespeare.

    3. p says:

      Can you provide any specific examples of “these types of events” ending in gunfire? Have you ever listened to their music? Do you know anything about their respective fan bases?

      1. The Architect says:

        Seriously? There have been shootings, stabbings, violence, rioting, vandalism and looting after rap shows for years. Google it. There are hundreds and hundreds of examples.

      2. Jake says:

        If it hasn’t happened yet, it will eventually. It’s part of the ‘culture’. What gangsta rap concert wouldn’t be memorable without a shooting or riot?

      3. Jake says:

        I do remember the event of the movie ATL being shown in downtown Mpls, and a nice guy out on a date with his future bride to be had his head blown off by a gangsta with a stolen .44 magnum, who was ‘trying’ to shoot a rival gangsta several years ago. Right in front of the Target Center. If you aren’t going to this
        ‘concert’, I would stay away from that area on that night.

    4. The Police says:

      You’re right its not bigotry to HEAR and SEE gunfires but you haven’t actually heard or seen any gunfire. Especially since the event is scheduled for October. I’d put up a monetary wager that you’ve never been to a Jay Z concert either. So please, lose this fake “concern for society” talk you have on here, which is only founded on bigotry.

      1. The Architect says:

        I’m not claiming to be a time traveler, Einstein.

        I have no fake concern for society, sorry. Wrong guy. I’ve been to plenty of concerts and seen tons of big name acts. I’m not speaking out of ignorance here. Are you?

  5. dan says:

    “That kind of Concert” Please explain.

  6. The Watcher says:

    This is funny reading peoples comments – its like John Mccain vs Obama – Obama wins. this wouldn’t be a night for crackers or soft bodies – ONLY MEN – Like Spartans – will attend the event – Men who are willing to take a shot and give a shot…U know the type of stuff you go and spend $40 at the movie theaters to see…Its like the Ol western Movies – HOW THIS COUNTRY WAS BUILT = WITH VIOLENCE. Bunch of sissy’s!!!! Yeah its “that type of concert”

  7. JustSayin says:

    I think Jay-Z should leave Kanye at home……

    1. MARK says:

      LOL. I was thinking just the opposite.

      1. JustSayin says:

        Awwwww, dod gammit! Tell me you’re not a Kanye lover!!!!!!!!!!

        1. MARK says:

          I’d actually prefer to see Jay-Z’s wife than either of these two.

  8. JustSayin says:

    Thuggery?!?!?!?! Jay-Z is a very respectable and successful man. No where near a thug. He’s more of a man than you’ll ever be.

    1. The Architect says:

      Umm, I wasn’t implying it would be Jay-Z doing the shooting. How did you misunderstand that part?

      1. JustSayin says:

        You’re implying that HE along with Kanye will start the “thuggery”. Take your hate elsewhere. I bet you wish you could be a real man.

        1. The Architect says:

          No. I’m not.

          And what’s with the “you wish you could be a real man” insults?

          How pathetic.

          1. JustSayin says:

            YES you are. Ohhhh you poor thing, are you offended? Is it possible that I struck a nerve with that comment?? baahahahahahaha

          2. Jim says:

            Architect, do you have any facts to back this up?: “These types of events typically end in gunfire.”

            Are you trying to say that most Kanye West concerts end in gunfire, either during or after the show? I’d love to see those statistics, as I assume someone as smart as you would never just pull something out of thin air and post it on the internet. Right?

            1. The Architect says:

              Rap shows don’t frequently have gun play outside afterwards? Hmm ok. I just google searched and had over 66,000 results.

              1. Jim says:

                I guess it depends on your definition of “typically,” but if you actually believe that “most” hip hop shows end in gunfire then you are very wrong. Unless you’ve got some facts to back up what you type?

                And we both know that your line about Google is complete nonsense. Is that the best evidence you have? Come on. I just Googled “Architects are stupid” and got more than 4.8 million results. I guess that’s proof enough for you that architects are, indeed, stupid. LOL.

              2. The Architect says:

                Wow. You’re right. I mean, who can possibly argue with that logic?

                I retract. There has never been violence before, during, or after a rap concert by any concert goers, or troublemakers outside. Never. It doesn’t happen.

  9. p. says:

    Why do you choose to compare them to monkeys?

  10. jon says:

    These aren’t gangster rappers…

    1. Jeff "Gangsta" J says:

      What do they rap about then?

      The importance of education?
      The importance of self-sufficiency?
      The importance of living a crime-free life?
      The importance of not having children when you cannot afford to take care of them?


      1. MARK says:

        tina, how much meth would you have to sell to buy a ticket?

        1. Jake says:

          Who would want to sell meth to buy a ticket to this so-called ‘concert’?

      2. p says:


        Sometimes they rap about those things.

  11. MARK says:

    I wouldn’t compare you to a pasty meth addict with seven teeth and fewer brain cells, even though you probably look like one (you certainly post like one). That would be rude.

  12. Jeff "Gangsta" J says:


  13. gonzo says:

    I read the article and then noted in was in the “Popular Conversations” field. Wow I thought, there must be a lot of people excited about their upcoming performance! What was I thinking? The concert announcement was really just another golden opportunity to heap abuse on African-Americans. Thank God for comments forums. How else would we be able to step out from behind the facade of political correctness and express our ignorance and hatred? It feels so good, like breaking windows and no one minding.

    1. Jeff "Gangsta" J says:

      What about the “abuse” African Americans inflict to the Welfare system, the crimes they commit, the general inability to do nothing but have sex and make welfare babies, while sitting on their (section 8 housing porches) and do nothing but drink malt liquor, smoke cigars, and commit more crimes as a percentage of their population than any other race?

      1. orly says:

        Oh, Jeff. You shouldn’t have skipped Sociology 101.

        1. Jeff "Gangsta" J says:

          Oh I did take Sociology 101…..The main theme was that people who live in a civil society should not act like animals. Go down to Karma tonight and you will get a first hand view of how animals act.

          1. orly says:

            You must have slept through that class because I’m pretty sure you got that view of black people from Ronald Reagan (read: liar) and, I don’t know, daytime TV? But hey, if it makes you feel better to pretend you’re a victim of welfare recipients, that’s your prerogative.

            Besides, I don’t know what’s up at Karma because I never go. How do you know, Gangsta?

  14. Barb says:

    There is obviously a lot of hatred toward blacks…..but it really isn’t racist. I do not “hate” blacks because of the color of their skin…..I “hate” most of them because of their behavior. Go downtown on any given day or night and stand at the bus stop on 7th St between Nicollet Mall and Hennepin Ave (this is the stop where all the North Minneapolis-bound buses stop to pick people up).

    Look at the behavior of these people. You do not see this type of behavior at the bus stops on 2nd Ave where all the express buses take the working class people back home out to the suburbs.

    Racist? No.

    Realist? Yes.

    1. orly says:


      I’m not racist, I just make negative generalizations about one race!! Gtfo.

  15. orly says:

    Crazy how people see a headline about two of the most accomplished black men in America and they use it as yet another excuse to spew racist garbage. If that’s really how you feel, then MN may not be the best state for you. There are some small towns in Montana where you’d feel more at home.

    1. The Architect says:

      Interesting comment.

      Are the people who go to their shows “the most accomplished black men in America”?


  16. HooDatIS? says:

    i hope it snows 0ctober 7th
    have fun kiddos
    dont shoot each other at the concert

  17. Jim S. says:

    They sure are tough. They look like they’re going to do battle with ninja vampires. And they yell like those intimidating guys in prison. They really are tuffies. You better look out when they’re around, because they do not take guff. And they most definitely are not gay or the least bit feminine or wussy.

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